K-pop phenomenon BTS has been in the center of controversies over the past week due to its leader’s comments on the Korean War. Photo courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

Global Times readers rap anti-BTS sentiments

Over the past week, controversies swirled about K-pop superstar BTS leader RM’s remarks on the Korean War (1950-53) after receiving the General James A. Van Fleet Award.

On Oct. 7, RM said, “We will always remember the history of pain that our two nations share together and sacrifices of countless men and women.”

The two nations refer to South Korea and the United States, which fought against North Korea and China in the three-year war, which North Korea started in a failed attempt to annex the South.

The comments led to a barrage of criticism from Chinese web users and state media _ they claim BTS showed disregard for numerous Chinese soldiers who died during the hard-fought war.

For example, the Global Times reported that BTS “hurts feelings of Chinese netizens and fans” with the band’s “one-sided attitude,” thus making many Chinese fans “quit the band’s fan club.”

The Global Times also described the 1950 warfare as the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea.

Thereafter debates continued not only in China but also across the world.

But most readers of the state-backed newspaper’s article appear to side with BTS.

North Korea invaded South Korea, and the USA came to help the South. That’s how the Korean War started. That’s the fact. So, exactly what part is hurting Chinese netizens here,” an internet user asked in a comment.

China helped North Korea during the Korean War. And look at North Korea now. It’s the most failed nation in the world now. Is this something Chinese feel proud of?”

Another netizen agreed by saying, “most insane thing I’ve heard this year.”