There are many reasons to shave the genital area. Probably Hygiene and Aesthetics, but most of the people in the foreground, when it comes to the removal of the hair "down there".

body hair removal: Gentle body shave to remove hair: Gently body epilation to remove body hair: pubic area grow to remove body hair: pubic area epilation

is In the process of Shaving is the easiest method to remove the unwanted hairs. It is painless, quick and you can carry it easily in your own bathroom. However, this method has the disadvantage that you need to grab for a flawless intimate area at least two Times per week to the shaver.

the Following things you need for a shave that protects your skin:

a good shaver, shaving gel or intimate wash lotion skin care cream, skin oil, or baby powder

The skin in the genital area is equipped with many nerves, and numerous sebaceous glands to protect them drying out. If you do not proceed with shaving in the genital area carefully, clogging the sebaceous glands, and small pimples are the most unpleasant. PDF So you want to let your skin Shine Our PDF guide showing you new tips on how to let your skin Shine, as well as all the information about diseases, therapies and care.To the PDF guide

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Five everyday objects that you should change more frequently intimate area shaving: Three steps to a flawless shave

The sensitive skin in the intimate area needs special treatment to survive a shave. So, for example, rigid even sound rather unsuitable for the delicate skin. Since the cutting edge of a cheap razor is not very sharp, they exercise more pressure.

This leads to micro-injuries to the skin, and – without treatment – to the flocks of small Inflammation, mostly in the open sebaceous glands. In pharmacies or drugstores, you can find the special razor with a movable head for the genital area.

Important: the smaller the head of the shaver, the better you can reach even difficult areas. A razor with five Blades to shave your legs is wonderful, but not the genital area. The head should have a maximum of three Blades, so that he fulfilled his purpose well.

A successful shaving in the intimate area requires three steps:

preparation of the Zone correct shaving treatment first step: Prepare your skin for shaving before

If the hair in the genital area are too long, they clog quickly the shaver. You can cut the hair with sharp scissors as short as possible. Water softens hair and skin.

If you want to connect to, for example, in the morning take a shower with a shave in the genital area, you should first wash your hair, and your normal body hygiene. Water needs for at least two minutes, skin and hair going soft.

shaving gel or intimate wash lotion?

Now you apply your shaving cream or your intimate wash lotion. Men can easily use your shaving gel that you use on your face. Since the male genital area does not have a sensitive, large Openings, the shaving cream here, its purpose perfectly. Shaving foam is too loose for the intimate area and protects the skin is not enough, and is therefore rather unsuitable.

Special needs of women

For women, it is recommended intimate wash lotion. The female intimate area is more sensitive, because the vaginal opening leads directly to the Vagina. Intimate washing lotion is pH-neutral and have been specifically developed for this Zone.

Ideally, the intimate wash lotion also uses lactic acid bacteria. They strengthen the Flora of the Vagina and protect against infection.

Important: you Shave without the Film of a shaving gel or a cleanser.

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draw The actual shave fully is the simplest way to Sitting down. Experts advise to remove most of the hair in direction of growth. You spread the folds of tough skin and critical areas with thumb and index finger: The razor glides over the taut skin, without hurting them.

If you have removed most hairs, shave again against the direction of growth. This provides for a particularly close shave. Then rinse properly.

third step: Nourishing treatment

After shaving, you should dry your skin carefully and apply lotion. Which skin care product you choose, depends on your skin and your preference. However, it should under no circumstances contain irritating alcohol skin.

pure Natural skin oil or baby powder is also suitable as a wound cream for sensitive skin. At best, select a product with all natural ingredients. Caution is advised if the label lists numerous chemical substances.

tip: Shave in the evening if you wear tight-fitting clothes, because in the first 24 hours after shaving, the skin is particularly sensitive.

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