The Austrian writer Robert Menasse occurs in his writings and Speeches strongly in favour of the European idea, least of all in his in Brussels-playing novel “The capital”. But apparently, he invented in Interviews, quotes and Facts to promote for more Europe. The Rhineland-Palatinate state government is now considering whether or not you can give it as planned, the Carl Zuckmayer medal, the artist apologized.

What is it exactly?

Robert Menasse has cited over the years, the European politician Walter Hallstein with alleged statements that can be proved to have invented. According to Menasse hall stone that was in 1958, the first President of the European economic community (EEC), said: “the abolition of The Nation is the European idea.” First, widespread Menasse this set in 2013, in two Essays, which he wrote together with Ulrike Guérot, a Professor of European law. The texts published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Austrian “Presse”.

Two more sets of Menasse hall stone wrote that has said this demonstrably never: “The goal of the European unification process, the Overcoming of the nation-States.” And: “the goal is and remains to be the Overcoming of the Nation and the organization of a nachnationalen Europe.” The alleged quotes are to be found, among other things, in Talk, the Menasse held in the year 2017.

In December 2017 Robert Menasse claimed in addition, Hallstein had maintained his inaugural speech as EC President in 1958 in Auschwitz. This is also demonstrably false.

when flew the dizziness?

The historian Heinrich August Winkler had doubts as early as 2017 in the MIRROR, and the authenticity of about menasse’s hall of stone quotations. Winkler wrote: “If Guérot and Menasse cannot rely on sources of previous research were known, you should call this. As long as there are no reliable evidence of the hallstein attributed quotes, these must be considered as apocryphal, that is, as false.” Winkler introduced in the Text (from read it here in full length), why the political Person hall stone by the false quotes are not adequately represented.

Winkler’s Text remained, however, without consequences, to “The world” of the case in December 2018 apprehension. A “world”editor took over, according to the newspaper an alleged hall of stone-quotation unaudited, Winkler asked him on the phone, according to the source. Robert Menasse admitted then to the editor to have the quotes invented.

How Menasse is justified?

compared To the “world,” wrote Menasse to the question: “The source (Roman) is correct. The sense is correct. The truth is provable. The Thesis is fruitful. What is missing is literal in the Slightest: the Word.” He had provoked “a discussion and a space for thinking of the Possible is not opened, there was previously, just the fact that I declared an authority to my leniency, had no objection”. Free dealing with sources is for journalists and scientists are actually not allowed, so Menasse. For the Poet the not the case.

In the “world”, which appears on Saturday, sorry Menasse, according to the newspaper: The quotation marks were a mistake. Menasse described, therefore, the criticism of his dealing with quotations but also as “artificial excitement”. Ulrike Guérot took to the facts of the case. You have contributed parts to the articles, but the Menasse contributed quotes is not checked. In retrospect, it was not stupid to do that.

the MIRROR Is affected by the false quotes?

In the output 42/2017 used Jakob Augstein, in a MIRROR column, of the alleged Hallstein-quote “goal is the Overcoming of the Nations, and the organization of a nachnationalen of Europe.” He restricted, however, hall stone “should have” said so. Winkler mentioned this use in his LEVEL-Text through Menasse.

How to do it more now?

On 18. January is supposed to be awarded to Robert Menasse, the Carl Zuckmayer medal. The prize is awarded by the Rhineland-Palatinate state government for “merits to the German language and to the artistic word”. According to a spokeswoman for the state Chancellery in Mainz, Germany, talks with all the parties Involved are currently in progress: “Due to the debate on the controversial Remarks made by the Austrian writer Robert Menasse we seek the conversation with the author and the members of the Commission, which had proposed him as a prize winner, to verify the facts of the case.” The Rhineland-Palatinate CDU parliamentary leader Christian Baldauf asked, Menasse should not receive the Zuckmayer medal.


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