Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) and the environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) want to clarify in the middle of January, whether the shooting of wolves should be easier in Germany for the protection of farm animals. This speaker, announced inside of both ministries on Wednesday in Berlin.

Schulze had already agreed to change the Federal nature conservation act, to be able to particularly eye-catching wolves to shoot. A spokeswoman for her Ministry said now that the shooting of wolves can overcome a “sufficiently high electric fence”, is already possible today.


Minister of Klöckner seems to want more. In a letter to Schulze, the “Rheinische Post” reported, asks Klöckner their departmental colleague, with all the legal ways to reduce the wolf population to exploit, the international and European protection of species hold right ready. The law needs to be amended so that in the future, a “moderate Conservation” is possible that more than just individual kills allow.

the lowdown on The Wolf in Germany, the dispute on wolves in Germany On the hit list

a spokeswoman for the Ministry of agriculture said, the Wolf population in Germany annually by 25 to 30 percent, which means every three to four years, a doubling. Today there is in Germany, about 600 wolves. In 2016, more than 1000 wily animals had been counted.

wolves feel at home in Germany. This is evident from the wolf monitoring 2017/2018, which was submitted by the Federal Agency for nature conservation (BfN) and the “documentation and Advisory Agency of the Federal government on the topic of Wolf” (DBBW). The States reported a 73 pack of wolves, 30, wolf couples, as well as three sedentary individuals confirmed. Thus, the number of pack 13, the of couples has risen to nine.

The new Numbers underpin the reports on the Trend from the last Monitoring that were reported last year in the number of wolves in Germany. The Occurrence of the animals are nationwide, very unevenly distributed:

most of The wolves live in the Lausitz region, especially in the region of the border between Brandenburg and Saxony, their distribution is concentrated in a Band from the Southeast to the North-West of Germany. Overall, are expected to live according to the new data between 213 and 246 adult wolves in Germany.

were exterminated To wolves about 150 years ago, due to intensive hunting, belonged to Germany, to their natural area of distribution. Although the Wolf Habitat to the Fauna-Flora-Directive of the European Union is strictly protected, accumulate unlawful killings. “After traffic accidents, illegal killing is the second most common cause of death and thus represents a serious Problem,” confirmed Jessel.

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with skepticism, the increasing distribution of animals, especially in the case of pastoralists, the care of their flocks. Normally, wolves mainly hunt deer, wild boar and red deer, succumbed to but farm animals too, if the opportunity offers. This is especially true of sheep and goats. 2016 have been reported in Germany, nearly 300 Assaults with more than a thousand injured farm animals. Farmers receive compensation if a Wolf has killed their livestock, in spite of protective measures.


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