A 47-year-old “rich citizen” should have tried to blackmail judicial officers. In addition, they have published handbills and called for the victims and their families to spy. The report, among other things, the radio station RBB and the “Märkische Allgemeine”.

Accordingly, the wife’s plug-in is to put letters with pictures and other information on the Internet. Were affected, apparently, several justice officials, including the President of the district court of Neuruppin, Egbert Simons, as well as five other judges and prosecutors. In addition, you have threatened, according to a spokesman, fictitious monetary claims to enforce, and officials under pressure. You will find, among other things, for attempted blackmail and insult.

The Accused had reportedly previously been in Trouble with the justice. She had been convicted of insult. The publication of the posters was obviously a reaction to it.

last October, there had been, according to RBB, a search for the woman. The seized evidence would still be evaluated.

the so-Called rich citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany does not recognize as a state and refuse to pay taxes or fines. The protection of the Constitution assumes that, nationwide, approximately 12.600 followers.


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