The unmasking and arrest of a suspected spy from the ranks of the German armed forces was only possible after a notice of a foreign intelligence service. According to SPIEGEL information, the Military counterintelligence service (MAD), received in the spring of 2017 from a friendly intelligence service, warning that the Iranian services had an informant in the German armed forces and secret information from the troop could reach.

The friendly service behind the wording is often, the CIA has provided no clues as to the identity of the spy in the ranks of the armed forces. Only a MAD Operation, it was possible to identify the German-Afghan, Abdul Hamid S. as a Suspect. The 50-Year-old since the two a thousand years as an interpreter for the strategy reconnaissance command (KSA) in the Heinrich-Hertz-barracks in Daun, was arrested on Monday in Bonn.

eye-Catching travel movements

The identification of the Suspect proved to be difficult, as the Germans neither a Name nor a German army unit has been sent. The MAD succeeded only in painstaking work to expose the alleged spy. Abdul Hamid S. was because of its eye-catching travel movements into the visor, and He travelled regularly to the same time with a well-known officer of the Iranian intelligence service in certain cities in the EU. At the end of the MAD 19, this suspect was one of travel.

soldiers of the German armed forces in the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif

to convict. s., played the MAD with marked cards. Discreetly to to pushed the interpreter in the barracks, again and again, supposedly sensitive and secret information or documents. The Trick succeeded: no had to get the fake info, he signed with his Iranian leadership officer and asked for a Meeting. In the spring of 2018, the MAD agents were so sure that you reported the case and the collected evidence to the attorney General.

For the Bundeswehr is the case sensitive, worked for p. however, in a secret unit of the force. As an interpreter, he translated for a battalion electronic warfare in military jargon, always with “electronic warfare” abbreviated – intercepted phone calls or snapping up radio transmissions of the Taliban from the mission in Afghanistan. If he is, however, in addition to secret information about the use or force, is so far doubtful.

security check with no results

Uncomfortable is the case nevertheless. For the sensitive activity of “electronic warfare”unit, in the abroad, so to speak, the mobile eyes and ears of the force, illuminates all of the soldiers and the interpreter, actually, through an elaborate security check of the level three, the family Background and the suspicious travel movements. In the case of p. but the Check ended with no results. Now the question is, how accurate are sure the Checks.

After the Transfer of the Case to the attorney General in 2018, everything went quite fast. The investigators there need, in contrast to the intelligence services of court-proof evidence and not just circumstantial evidence. Due to the preparatory work of the MAD, but succeeded in December 2018, to a warrant for your arrest. On Tuesday, he was arrested, finally, in his Bonn apartment. In addition to his work in the army, the investigators filzten a Bank locker.

How big is the resulting damage is currently being assessed. From security it was on Tuesday but, according to current knowledge, p. not controversial or sensitive information to Iran about the officer passed, because you came to the alleged spy in a quite early stage. On Wednesday afternoon, the MAD wanted to, and the office of the attorney General, the secret service, the control address of the Bundestag in a secret session.

Regardless of the case, the Episode shows operate, how aggressive States such as Iran in Europe spying. Last year, in Austria, accredited in Iran was taken against the Diplomat in Germany. He led them over the years, sources in Belgium. Most recently, he is supposed to have two of its Well the order for an attack on the Meeting of an Iranian opposition group in Paris issued. The two were shortly before the planned attack.

in Addition, hacker attacks Iran were known of services on German targets. In the meantime, the German authorities also believed that Tehran is preparing a list of potential Jewish targets in Germany that could be attacked in case of war between Iran and Israel. The suspicion was not corroborated, however.

Berlin to protest Iranian diplomats

The Federal government wants to anyway, Tehran is not so easy to get away with it. Hardly Abdul Hamid S. was taken on Tuesday, found that of the Top German Diplomat Philipp Ackermann in an interview with the chargé d’affaires of the Iranian Embassy in Berlin, serious words.

At the date of the case was raised “unambiguously”, it was said after the talks in Berlin have brought his “great concern over the alleged agent activity”. In addition, you made to the Iranian diplomats that will watch the further investigation in the case.

This is probably meant, that the named Executive officer of the Iranian not a secret travel service in the future, quite undisturbed by Europe.

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