At the world economic forum in Davos, announced Brazil’s new President Jair Bolsonaro this week that the country under his government, a beam imminent future. In the home, the past caught up with him.

On Tuesday it was announced that his eldest son Flávio has until November of last year, the mother and the wife of a notorious Ex-cops as consultants in his Deputy’s office in Rio de Janeiro. The man’s Name: Adriano da Nobrega. He is regarded as the head of a death squad that is linked to the murder of the left Councilor Marielle Franco a year ago. It is non-volatile.

the funeral of Marielle Franco (archive)

The scandal could bring the President in distress: Bolsonaro is working closely with Flávio and two of his four sons. They are also active in politics. As a member of Parliament he has expressed a number of times understanding for illegally operating a para-military groups in Rio’s slums, which are considered to be the main suspect in the murder of Franco.

“Where the militia is paid, there is no violence”

The politician Franco advised residents of poor districts in the West of the city in the fight against the militias. These para-militarily organised gangs are mainly made up of Ex-police officers. You need to Finance, among other things, protection money extortion, illegal real estate trading and illegal gambling. In some Favelas they have established a veritable reign of terror. In Parts of the local residents, they are nonetheless regarded because they expel the drug gangs.

Favela in Rio

The militias of the West zone of Rio, dominated as it is at the same time, the political home of the Bolsonaro-Clans. “Where the militia is paid, there is no violence,” said Jair Bolsonaro, in the past year.

His son Flávio, who was elected in October to the Senator, and was the only member against the posthumous awarding of a high order to the last April killed Stadrätin Franco voted.

Adriano da Nobrega: Ex-police officer, sniper and killer?

In several of my Speeches as a member of Parliament, he praised the militias. Two Ex-police officers who belonged to a militia, acted for Flávio as election workers. And now, the case of Adriano da Nobrega:

It the newspaper “O Globo” , to be extremely violent and used to be a sniper in a special police unit. In 2003, he was awarded at the suggestion of Flávio Bolsonaro, with the highest order of the Federal state of Rio. Later, he was dismissed from the police because he was connected to organized crime.

The Prosecutor’s office wants to hear Nobrega as a witness in the case, Franco. He is supposed to belong to Morte the death squad Escritório da (“office of death”), which is supposed to have murdered in order of the Organized crime. This group is suspected by the police to be the murder of the politician Franco involved. Da Nobrega is a self-charged with murder in another case.

headquarters was in the Favela Rio das Pedras in the West of Rio. In the vast poor district of about 130,000 people live. Da Nobrega said to have been a militia directed to be closely related with the death squad worked together. On Tuesday were arrested in the framework of a large-scale police operation in Rio five men believed to belong to this armed group. Da Nobrega was not found.

And yet, the wife worked from da Nobrega from September 2007 to November 2018, as a consultant in the Deputy’s office, Flávio Bolsonaro. And the mother of the fugitive Ex-police officer, in such capacity, from 2016 to 2018. Flávio Bolsonaro claimed that he had set the women at the request of his former driver and Trusted Fabrício Queiroz.

A Chauffeur, 48 Transfers and many questions

Queiroz is regarded as a key figure in another scandal, the Bolsonaro-son, who was in the last days of the Republic. He is said to have settled, supposedly in order Flávios, 48 Transfers. The total value: the equivalent of approximately 22,500 Euro, a contribution which exceeds the income of the Ex-chauffeur.

A government Agency for the investigation of illegal financial activities determined against him now, and Bolsonaro Junior. Queiroz, who was temporarily immersed in the Favela Rio das Pedras hidden. There, he operates a Van for the transport of persons. The small buses are considered to be one of the main sources of income for the militias.

Flávio Bolsonaro denies that he acted at any time is illegal. His financial transactions he declared with real estate transactions.

father and son Bolsonaro

The President has distanced himself from his son. If Flávio was a little guilty, he should pay “for it,” he said on Wednesday in Davos in an Interview with Bloomberg. For further information, he did not give: A for Wednesday’s scheduled press conference, he said surprisingly.

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