Shown above is the Ioniq 5 of Hyundai Motor. The company plans to transport passengers through its Ioniq 5 robotaxis in the United States next year. Photo courtesy of Hyundai Motor

Hyundai joins hands with Motoinal

Hyundai Motor, South Korea’s biggest automaker, announced on May 10 that the company had teamed up with driverless technology powerhouse Motional to come up with robotaxis next year.

Toward that end, the Seoul-based company said that it would use the all-electric Ioniq 5 as a Level 4 autonomous vehicle.

Hyundai and Motional are set to begin transporting public passengers in 2023, starting in Las Vegas and then expanding to major cities in the United States and other countries.

Hyundai also launched a global manifesto campaign dubbed “Innovation Begins, from Very Human Things” to share its vision for self-driving robotaxis.

Hyundai said that its vision for the technology and customer experience resonates with the assertion that the Ioniq 5 robotax is “a mobility solution with humanity inside _ not just without a human driver.”

“In line with Hyundai’s brand vision of ‘Progress for Humanity,’ the company’s aim for the robotaxi is to go fully autonomous while retaining a humanistic touch. This narrative is depicted through two videos of the recently launched campaign,” a Hyundai official said.

“The two campaign videos emphasize the humanistic qualities of robotaxis, showing how they adopt safe driving behaviors and care for passengers. The first episode emphasizes the robotaxi’s actions resembling those of a careful, considerate driver, and the second episode focuses on the robotaxi taking care of passengers from teenagers to disabled and elderly.”