in 2003, received Shirin Ebadi is the first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel peace prize for her dedication as a human rights lawyer. Five years later, the Iranian Regime has deprived her of the attorney’s license, arrested the fellow and the castle of Ebadi’s NGOs, which campaigned for the observance of human rights. Ebadi has since lived in the United Kingdom .

MIRROR ONLINE: Mrs Ebadi, 2019 is your tenth year in exile – in your home, you would have to expect severe penalties. You still have hope, one day, return?

Shirin Ebadi: please Let me first clarify something: I don’t live in fear of a punishment in exile. I used to spend a lot of time in prison and know that I can stand very well. But I also know that you would not hear my voice from there. From abroad, however, I can speak for the people in Iran.

To the Person AFP Shirin Ebadi , Born in 1947, is the most well-known human rights activist in Iran. The lawyer had served as the first woman to the presidency of a court in the country, this was withdrawn with the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Then, Ebadi has worked questions as a lawyer in human rights. In 2009, she fled into exile in the UK. Until today, Ebadi lives in London, but the majority of the year traveling, in order to make the human rights violations in their home country.

MIRROR ONLINE: your long time collaborator Narges Mohammadi is currently experiencing what it means to sit in Iran in jail. She is seriously ill, you will be denied access to medical help.

Ebadi: Narges has a blood clot in the lung, in addition, she suffers from seizures under anticonvulsant. For this you need drugs. Most recently, she has entered into a three-day hunger strike to protest for better prison conditions. But that has changed in your Situation.

MIRROR ONLINE: in addition to Mrs. Mohammadi holds the Regime and many other political prisoners – among them journalists, students, musicians. How do you assess the current human rights situation in Iran?

Ebadi: it is unfortunately worse from day to day. The state is always violent against its citizens, because more and more people support him. He’s scared of. The number of prisoners is increasing, and they are more likely to be tortured. Recently, only 70 workers were arrested, their wages had not been paid – however, they had protested. Then they tortured some of them and showed their extorted confessions on state television.

MIRROR ONLINE: How do you learn from these fates?

Ebadi: I have daily contact with my colleagues in Iran, but also to political prisoners. According to the law this is not allowed, but we will find our way.

MIRROR ONLINE: It is the Iranian people themselves, overthrew in 1979, the Shah and the current Regime to the rise helped. How were you at that time, the new rulers?

Ebadi: I was one of those who supported the new government. Unfortunately.

MIRROR ONLINE: How that came to be?

Ebadi: We had two Slogans for the Revolution: independence and freedom. We have been promised that these two objectives in the Islamic Republic of Iran, would be achieved. Both happened at the end. There are no free elections, women’s rights are extremely limited.

MIRROR ONLINE: you Are now angry at the Shirin Ebadi at the time?

Ebadi: Yes. When I see the conditions in which the Iranian youth is, I am mad at me. Exactly the opposite we wanted to achieve Yes.

MIRROR ONLINE: when they noticed their mistake?

Ebadi: Very soon, on 8. In March 1979, international women’s day. The new Regime was in Power. We had organized a gathering to celebrate the rights of women. The new religious leader of the country, Ruhollah Khomeini, had announced before the Revolution that all women should be in the country. But in the Morning they brought in the Radio, that from now on, all the women in the authorities of the head cloth would have to bear. Our meeting was then interrupted by men with batons, they beat us.

MIRROR ONLINE: this year the Iranian Revolution celebrates the 40. Anniversary, the religious leaders of the country, Ali Khamenei, is controversial. What do you see as the main reasons for the growing anger of many Iranians?

Ebadi: The people in Iran put no more hope in your state. They cry for bread and work. If people scream, then you have to realize that the situation is very serious. There are three main reasons for this: firstly, the high level of corruption, secondly, the improper use of state funds, and, thirdly, the economic sanctions. Iran is actually a rich country, but it is his money in the wrong place – for example, in order to support the Hezbollah in Iraq and Lebanon.

MIRROR ONLINE: While Germany and the EU more on communication with Iran and the nuclear deal to maintain it in, put the US under Donald Trump confrontation. What is the right strategy, with the Iran deal is, in your opinion?

Ebadi: Have brought to the discussions a bit? For the past 40 years, the leading negotiations. A hard line could bring a real change. You would have to aim at the weakening of the regime and not the people to torment. The current economic sanctions are therefore the wrong way, among them only the ordinary people suffer, while the Powerful to enrich further.

MIRROR ONLINE: you are now 71 years old. When you go in retirement?

Ebadi: when there is finally freedom for the people in Iran. I hope that one day we will see big changes in Iran. Without The Shedding Of Blood. Then I will return to my home.

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