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In Brussels and Madrid, Alejo Vidal-Quadras is not Unknown. For 15 years, the Catalan deputies in the European Parliament was, from 2009 to 2014, even one of the 14 EU-Parliament, Vice-President. As the Spanish Conservative at the end of 2013 decided to leave his party and founded his own, the right-wing populist Vox, he immediately found wealthy supporters among the Iranian opposition in Europe.

The Vox-party in Spain more and more popular and moved in in December in Andalusia for the first time in a Parliament. In the case of the regional elections, the party won eleven percent of the vote. (Click here to read more about the Vox-party)

is Now known: the founding of The party would have been without the financial support of sympathizers of the “National resistance Council of Iran” (NWRI) is hardly possible. The Spanish newspaper “El Pais” has revealed that between December 2013 and April 2014, at least 971.890 euros to the Spanish party account, the Vox came in. The Transfers of Iranian opposition were fragmented, no single donation has exceeded the amount of 2000 euros, the amounts of money flowed from around 15 different countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and the USA.

“The donations came from supporters of the National Widerstandsrats of Iran,” said Alejo Vidal-Quadras. The money should help the young party, apparently, in the 2014 European elections to the European Parliament in Strasbourg to collect. Without success: In the vote in may 2014, Vox failed with about 1.6 percent at the three-percent hurdle.

Vidal-Quadras left the company he founded party after the election defeat. Shortly after, the flow of money from the Iranian exiled Opposition dried up. His successor, the current party leader, Santiago Abascal, says: “We have no Iranian money, we have donations from people who are perhaps foreigners.” The affair is for Vox sensitive: According to the Spanish law on financing political parties, donations to foreign organizations are prohibited.

Who is the Iranian group, which should have promoted Spain’s new right?

The NWRI referred to himself as a “Parliament-in-Exile of the Iranian resistance”. The group was founded in 1981 shortly after the Islamic Revolution. Their supporters had welcomed the overthrow of the Shah, turned against the establishment of the Islamic Republic and the dominance of the Shiite religious scholars.

De facto is, the NWRI, the political wing of the people’s Mujahedeen, a militant opposition movement that aims to overthrow the Regime in Tehran. The United States led the NWRI and the people’s Mujahedeen, from 1997 to 2012 on your terror list, the EU considered the people’s Mujahedeen from 2001 to 2009, as a terrorist organization. Previously, they were removed in the UK after a high court decision from the list of terrorist organisations.

However, until today, the people’s Mujahedeen of violence have not renounced as a political tool against the Ruling in Iran. Not only does the NWRI to be a problematic Partner: The movement resembles a political cult. Their followers maintain an almost cultic reverence for the leader Maryam Rajavi, who refer to it as the “sun of the Revolution”. Best example: As the French investigators in June 2003, the NWRI-searched Central, and Rajavi held over several days, throughout Europe, eleven NRWI-trailers in the Brand. Two people were killed.

Rajavi in front of supporters in June 2018

For years, the NWRI is a pragmatic Alliance with the neo-conservative forces in the United States. John Bolton, the current National security adviser of US President Donald Trump stepped in 2017, the year of the group’s meeting in Paris. He left no doubt that he puts in the effort, a change of regime in Tehran, to the movement. “The behavior and the principles of the Iranian regime will not change. And, therefore, the only solution is to change the Regime itself,” said Bolton. And prophesied: “Even before 2019, we will celebrate all together in Tehran!” (Click here to read more about the Connections between the people’s Mujahedeen, and the US government)

The NWRI its guest speakers, which give him political Prestige and influence to secure rewarded, generously. According to “the Guardian” to Bolton for the appointment of 40,000 US dollars. Rudy Giuliani, Ex-mayor of New York, and currently Trumps lawyer, had been paid for his appearance at the NWRI Meeting in 2018.

In Iran, the NWRI little restraint

would have Almost paid for Giuliani visiting expensive: According to the findings of European investigators service was planned by the Iranian secret a bomb attack on the NWRI Meeting. Policeman in Belgium stopped two people in their car, about 500 grams of the high explosive of the explosive TATP, and an ignition device was found. You are supposed to have in the order of Tehran, to carry out an assassination attempt against the meeting in Villepinte, near Paris.

Also with the Spanish politicians Vidal-Quadras, the group has long been in contact. In his first year in 1999 in Brussels, he met a NWRI-Delegation. Since then, he has participated in almost every Time of the annual meetings of the NWRI in Paris; once he had been wanting for the wedding of a relative, “El País”.

Vidal-Quadras (l.) and Rajavi, in 2009 in the EU-Parliament

The NWRI and the people’s Mujahedeen, to have, as an organization, funds to Vidal-Quadras transferred. At the same time, both groups praise in a joint statement, the politicians have been instrumental in ensuring the deletion of the group from the EU terror list. This was “a historic achievement” and therefore, it is also, of course, that Iranians, as individuals, have supported his election campaign.

in 2009, attended Vidal-Quadras the NRWI even in its former headquarters in Camp Ashraf, North of Baghdad in Iraq. Meanwhile, the NRWI had to leave Iraq and now in Albania, its Central.

The goal, as the future rulers to return to Iran, seems to be the NWRI, in spite of all the political alliances in the US and Europe is currently far away. In the country itself, the movement enjoys no appreciable restraint – also because the Regime goes on for nearly four decades, with unrelenting severity against the people’s Mujahedeen and its allies. But the group, led for many years side-by-side with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s war against Iran, have forgotten the Iranians, nor forgiven.

Summary: want to Obviously increase the adherents of the “National resistance Council of Iran” (NWRI) its political influence in Europe. The group that wants to overthrow the Regime in Tehran, has for years, the best contacts to the US government, which has in Iran, but little restraint. Out now: Iranian exile opposition have financed the rise of the right Vox party.

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