Iran Amb. SHABESTARI, center, observes his country’s 44th anniversary of the Proclamation of the Islamic Revolution with celebrated guests. Photo courtesy of Embassy of Iran

Iranian embassy in Korea marks 44th anniversary of Revolution

Iran Amb. Saeed BADAMCHI SHABESTARI hosted a diplomatic reception to mark his country’s 44th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Islamic Revolution late last week in a Seoul hotel.

The diplomat, who has been serving Iran’s top envoy in Korea since Dec. 2018, also bade farewell to his Korean friends and acquaintances, including Iran communities here.

Therefore, Iran Embassy’s reception this year looked like a farewell party for Amb. SHABESTARI, who invited Iran communities and his close Korean acquaintances.

Included in the participants were not-for-profit organizations and media outlets.

In his welcoming speech, he touched upon the special significance of the Proclamation of the Islamic Revolution in late 1979.

“After the Islamic Revolution, Iran has grown over several folds in compared with the average of the world in diverse indexes such as health, welfare, education, SOC, and science technology, to name just a few,” he said.

The cordial relations between Iran and South Korea greeted its culmination by designating ‘Teheran Street’ in Seoul and ‘Seoul Street’ in Teheran, respectively.

SHABESTARI recalled the recent history of the two countries, although historical relations between them date back to 1,400 years ago.

However, Amb. SHABESTARI pointed out that Korea and Iran are currently in their long stagnation period in terms of economy and political exchange.

To grapple with this, he asked for the Korean government to lend helping hands to Iran so that the two countries could galvanize their cooperation once again.

As guest honor, former Justice Minister Chun Jeong-bae who serves as the chairman of the Korea-Iran Parliamentary Council, also said the two countries had been forging a blood bond for 1,500 years.

He also reminded that last year was the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Seoul and Teheran.

According to the Embassy of Iran, about 3,000 mid and small-sized enterprises in Korea have made significant contributions to the economic development of the two countries by trading with Iran.

The Middle East country has a population of 85 million, and more than two-thirds of the population is under 30, bringing strong purchasing power.

Wrapping up his diplomatic service over four years in Korea as Iran’s top envoy to Seoul, Amb. SHABESTARI is scheduled to leave Korea soon.