“a lie, Everything! It’s All A Lie!” Raad A. jumps from the dock, pointing to the witnesses, gesticulating and ranting in Arabic. The interpreter is caught off guard as all the others in the courtroom. He needs a Moment, until he translated the words. “Lies, All Lies!”, he says. “A Comedy!” The defendant complains. “Mr. A.,” said the presiding judge. And again: “Mr. A.!” He calls Raad A. to the order, threatening to have him out of the room. Raad A. calmed down. Judge Andreas Müller will be in recess for a break.

The tension in Raad A. is great. So big that his outburst meets on Tuesday, of all things, a witness that is equal for two days every effort to relieve him before the court. The witness wants to do anything out of the world, what has he ever given against A. in the police log.

Raad A., and his son, Abbas R. are accused of membership of the terrorist militia “Islamic state” and involvement in war crimes. The 43-Year-old and 19-Year-old should be connected in 2014 in Iraq the IS and the in October 2014 on a execution. In 2015, they came as refugees to Berlin. In Germany is supposed to have Raad A. for the IS hired. The defendants deny the accusations. The prosecution is based Essentially on the statements of witnesses – witnesses such as Ramzi B. K.

false statement because of old bills?

Over hours tried to Ramzi B. K. on Tuesday and Wednesday to convince the judges of the state security Senate of the Berlin court of appeal, that everything was a lie, what he says to the police against Raad A., and Abbas, R. That Raad was a. the head of a drug gang have been lying. That father and son have worked together in Iraq with the IS – a lie. That you have procured the IS weapons – a lie.

It was all a conspiracy, asserts Ramzi B. K., controlled by other refugees from Iraq. These men wanted to see, Raad A., and Abbas, R. in jail, he says. These men are Shiites, Raad A., and his son, Sunni. It’s going to be old invoices.

It is naive to believe that the civil war in Iraq and its consequences have nothing to do with the procedure, had told the defender of the Raad A., Walter Venedey, to the start of the process. May the witnesses, the charged his clients have suffered, as the Shiites under the Regime of Saddam Hussein, the Regime in which his client would feel up to today, to belong.

The witness, Ramzi B. K. is not from Iraq, he comes from Tunisia. He is 40 years old and came in 2014 to Germany. In the witness stand, he is led from the detention. Due to the suspicion of drug trafficking, he waits in the prison of Berlin-Moabit is currently on his process. He denies the allegations. He had bought the drugs because he was addicted. Sold he didn’t.

“And?”, the judge asks. “No,” says the witness

The witness is willing to testify, even though he should be silent. His false statements against Raad A., and Abbas, R. strikes him hard on the soul, he says. “This whole story was crafted. The Shiites have you tinkered together. You have told me, I should testify against Raad.” He says he got money from them to buy drugs. Therefore, he did what you said. Raad A., and Abbas, R. sitting wrongly on the dock. “Raad A. has nothing to do with drugs, and certainly nothing to do with terrorism. I am convinced that you are innocent.”

He had Raad A. 2015 met in Berlin. They had become friends. “I said to the police that he made with the IS weapons, stores, weighs on my heart, because it was wrong,” he says on Wednesday. The police, he had also said that Raad is responsible A. the views of the IS. “Yes, I told you that Raad is working A. with you.” “And that’s true?”, the judge asks. “No,” says Ramzi B. K.

lied to the witness at the police – or he’s lying now before the court?

lied to the witness at the police? He’s lying now? That the judge doubts that the witnesses to his very detailed statements may have been instilled in the police of other, also realizes Ramzi B. K., “Who takes drugs, can’t think,” he says to the judge, “but he can give an account of what he was taught.”

Ramzi B. K. before the court is not inhibited, not even monosyllabic. He remains largely constant in its information. On Tuesday, he has tangled but.

It’s about 5000 Euro, which should have Raad due to A. allegedly. He had said it to the police. The court, he also said to this point: it’s All a lie, these debts never existed. Hours later, he suddenly says in an aside that he had at some point forget that Raad owed to A. him 5000 euros. The judge insisted. Why forget? He, however, said that the 5,000 euros of debt had never been there.

The witness comes to a Lurching. He does not know what to reply. Because he’s lying? Or because he is exhausted after long hours of questioning? It is the Moment the latch is released, the Raad A. on the dock. Out right in the Moment, in the Ramzi B. K. in his attempt to relieve him, for the first Time, tangled.

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