In the IS-process in front of the chamber court of Berlin has requested the defence of the suspension of the main hearing. The reason to doubt the Translation of the court interpreter. The Senate would have complied with the request, would have to start the process against Raad A. and his son, Abbas, A. from the front. However, the judges see no reason.

What had happened? Refugees from Iraq and, apparently, also employees of the Iraqi Embassy have attended the trial against the suspected IS terrorists before the state security Senate as a listener. And you will be surprised, how the interpreter had translated the statements of witnesses from the Arabic into German. The Senate, under the chairmanship of judge Andreas Mueller learned of the Irritation of the process to visitors. This all happened behind the Scenes.

last Friday, the Senate informed the process involved in outside of the main hearing, that he has relieved the interpreter because of the resulting doubt of your task. The woman have also asked themselves why, after you have learned of the Doubts about your work. The hearing was continued on Friday.

“is Mandatory to provide interpreters

” this Wednesday, a new interpreter was in the hall. One of his first tasks was to translate a request from the defence for the accused to Arabic. “In the criminal case against Raad A. we apply the main hearing, to suspend” read defender Walter Venedey. His client, the German language is not powerful. “He needs to be able to the main hearing to follow, compelling to an interpreter,” said Venedey. “With the main hearing is once again about to begin.” The new interpreter translated his words.

Venedey stressed that it was not the defense that said, the Translator didn’t work correctly. Rather doubt whether the judges were created. But then these doubts would refer to the Translations of the woman on all the previous days of negotiations. In this case, the Senate could not be sure that the interpreter has translated the indictment, the statements of the previous witnesses, and everything in between, what happened so far, error free. For a fair trial, it was therefore necessary to start from the beginning. So, it looks to the defense. The Federal government sees the German bar it’s different.

The defense have not delivered, what exactly have the woman incorrectly translated. You have not shown that the defendants have not noticed essential parts of the negotiation. The court had replaced the Translator in a purely preventive.

The Senate withdrew for a few minutes to the consultation. Then the presiding judge announced the decision: The main hearing is continued. Specific defects in the Translation had been delivered, neither yet to be seen. A restart of the process would extend the period of detention for the accused.

“I fear for my family”

So easy is not, however, with the continuation of the process. A refugee from Iraq, was again summoned as a witness. The man had already said in the previous week. Even then, he had said that he was scared. Now he wants to say anything more. The judge asks if in the meantime something had happened. His family in Mosul had been threatened by several people, says the witness. Concrete he does not want to be. You would have known, when he left a week ago the courtroom, even what clothes he had worn. “I fear for my family,” he says. “Your life is in danger.”

“your concern we take very seriously,” said judge Miller. “However, we are not able to get rid of it to make details.” The witness is sent out of the room, the process involved to advise whether or not to excluded from its protection of the Public.

The defenders, by contrast, are. You mean, the witness was bluffing. He was looking for a way to not have to more statements, after he got entangled last Time in contradictions. His information on the alleged threat to the family were too vague, therefore the Public send out. The office of the attorney General sees a “manifest Anxiety” of the man. The judges decide: the audience and the journalists need to leave the room.

The witness is questioned to this day and probably in the next few days behind closed doors.

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