After the resignation of his defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, wants to take over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this office. Netanyahu had notified the Chairman of the settlers ‘ party, Naftali Bennett, in a Meeting, said a spokesman for the heads of government. Rumors of an early election were wrong. Netanyahu has held since 2015, the office of the Minister for foreign Affairs.

Bennett had previously threatened to leave the government, he should not receive the office of the Secretary of defense. He and Netanyahu had met on Friday at noon. Then a senior representative of Bennett’s settler party, said that it had to be so fast as possible a new election. On Sunday, an election date will be agreed with representatives of the coalition parties, it said.

the trigger for the crisis of the resignation of dear Mans on Wednesday. The ultra-right-wing politicians in response to a truce with the radical Islamic Hamas in the Gaza strip, which he rejects. He accuses the right-wing head of government, a “tabs” course against the Palestinians.

other coalition partners demanded by Netanyahu, for the spring elections. Regular would be elected in one year. Without Lieberman’s faction, Netanyahu’s right-seats- – religious coalition still, a slim majority of 61 of 120 Knesset. According to media reports, Netanyahu is trying to stabilize his coalition.

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