Israel’s defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has surprisingly declared his resignation. The 60-year-old Chairman of the ultra-national party, Israel Beitenu (“Israel Our home”) in response to the fact that the Israeli government of an arms had agreed to peace with the radical Islamic Hamas. This was a “capitulation to Terror,” he said, and called the handling of the Gaza conflict as a reason for his resignation.

Lieberman, the other factions within the government, called for as soon as possible, new elections are to be held. Regularly, the next elections were only in a year. To said the Gaza ceasefire, he said: “We will buy us peace for a short period of time and damage to the national security.” The Israeli voters must now decide, “what is the right line”.

A representative of the Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, new elections, rejected. There is “no obligation to elections in this for the security of sensitive time,” he said. According to him, Netanyahu will temporarily assume the duties of the Secretary of defense.

In the past few days, it was between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza strip, the most serious Fighting since the Gaza war of 2014 come. The ceasefire announced by the militant Palestinian organizations in the Gaza strip after heavy mutual bombardment on Tuesday evening one-sided. According to Israeli media reports, the government pointed to a meeting of the security Cabinet, the army, to adhere to the ceasefire. The head of government Benjamin Netanyahu defended the. “Our enemies have been begging for a truce and you know why,” he said.

The ceasefire is not only within the Israeli government’s controversial. Several Hundred Israelis living near the Gaza border, protested against the agreement. They demanded that the military is continuing in the Gaza strip, the ruling Hamas.

Lieberman calls for longer harder crackdown

Avigdor Lieberman, the office of the Minister for defence in may 2016. The Ex-foreign Minister had stoked in the past with controversial Comments anti-Arab resentment. The Palestinian policy of the government, heads of Netanyahu, he criticized several times as to “lax”.

dear Mans group Yisrael Beitenu has five mandates in the Parliament. Without it, Netanyahu would have the right-religious government, only a slim majority of one Deputy.

Hamas was the resignation of Lieberman as a “political victory for Gaza”. The fire break had been counted, the radical Palestinian organization is already a success. On the streets in the Gaza strip, thousands of residents celebrated the rest of the interior on Tuesday evening, the weapons.

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