Holocaust Survivor Noah Klieger has died, according to the International Auschwitz Committee at the age of 92 in Israel. “With its language of violence and its combative people, he is lack of love for us, especially in the confrontations of these months of bitter,” said Vice-President Christoph Heubner. “For us, the world has become a little darker.” Klieger was the Israeli Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Heubner, Deputy chief of the entire organization.

Klieger came after information provided by the Auschwitz Committee, 1926 in Strasbourg, to the world. As a member of a Jewish underground organization, he was arrested at the age of 16 years in Belgium and deported to Auschwitz in 1943. He survived Auschwitz because he went to Boxing matches, the camp commander for the entertainment of the SS-guards and between prisoners unsubscribe. In 1944, the SS forced him on a death March to Ravensbrück, where he died on may 29. April 1944 was liberated. (A portrait Kliegers from the year 2015 you can read here)

Klieger later worked in Israel as a Journalist. He reported on Basketball, but also about the trials against the SS perpetrators. In January 2017, he spoke together with his grandson Juval International day of remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust before the United Nations in New York.


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