The israeli Defence minister Avigdor Lieberman has ordered this Sunday the reopening of two crossing points of the Gaza strip for people and goods, four days after it closed in response to a rocket hit the palestinian.

“The decision is in response to the mitigation of violent events in Gaza at the weekend and the efforts made by Hamas [the islamist party in power in Gaza, NDLR] to restrain” the demonstrators, said the ministry in a press release.

Hamas had condemned the firing of rockets

on Wednesday 17 October, the minister had ordered the closure for a period not specified by these two points of crossing with the Gaza strip for goods and people. This decision was reinforced by the closure of the territory, which has, moreover, a crossing point with Egypt.

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Two rockets of average range were fired Wednesday at Israel from Gaza. One has severely damaged a home in the city of beer sheba (South), while the other fell in the sea off the coast of the metropolitan area of Tel-Aviv. But Hamas condemned the shootings, claiming to reject “all attempts irresponsible” to weaken an egyptian mediation for a truce of long duration.

weekly events

in addition, while demonstrations have been held every Friday since march 30, along the border with Israel, Hamas officials have been seen this week in the process of deter protesters from approaching the barrier, heavily guarded by the israeli army.

“Generally, they [the Palestinians] are keeping their distance,” confirmed a spokesman for the israeli military Friday, stating, however, that a number of people approached the border fence, have burned tires and threw explosive devices towards the soldiers. “They responded with means of riot control and live bullets according to the rules of engagement in place,” he added.

At least 130 Palestinians have been injured that day by israeli fire, according to the ministry of Health of Gaza. Since the beginning of the mobilization, at least 207 Palestinians have been killed and an israeli soldier was killed. A visit to the Gaza strip on Thursday, an egyptian delegation urged the chief of the Hamas to calm the protests, according to an official of egyptian.

Hopes of a truce lasting

The UN envoy to the middle East, Nickolay Mladenov, called on Friday Israelis and Palestinians ” to show restraint, to act in a peaceful way and to avoid escalation “. On Wednesday, Israel has also suspended the daily delivery of fuel to the Gaza power plant, normally provided through an agreement overseen by the UN.

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“The decision to resume deliveries of fuel from Qatar has been postponed for the time being, and will be reviewed in a number of days depending on the events,” said Avigdor Lieberman.

Israel and Hamas are delivered three wars since 2008, and are observing a ceasefire regularly questioned since the conflict in 2014. The united nations and Egypt have been working for weeks to try to forge a truce lasting between the jewish State and Hamas. In exchange for the quiet, the blockade could be lifted.

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