In November, had decided to the Italian Parliament a controversial immigration decree of the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini. The refugee policy of the country has been exacerbated drastically. The citizens of cities does not fit this line, master of some. Palermo’s mayor Leoluca Orlando has now publicly opposed to Salvini and the law.

Orlando said on public radio that he would put in the capital of Sicily, a few guidelines for the municipalities. The legislative package was “inhuman”, because it is contrary to human rights. In addition, it leads to crime, because there are people who were lawfully resident in Italy, “Illegal power”.

The centre-left politician, Orlando fights, especially against the more stringent requirements for people with a residence permit. The municipal offices shall issue no statements more or for the public health care system, which is the prerequisite for services such as home medical treatment.

Salvini will soon be instructed to Palermo travel

interior Minister Salvini of the right-wing Lega Nord party back to the criticism with a sarcastic comment. “You don’t want to obey? I’m not sending You to the army,” he said in a Orlando targeted Facebook-Video. Salvini announced a soon-to-be visit in Palermo. Then he added, some mayor would mourn the times of immigration, but also for the beautiful life is now “over”.

The Italian Parliament had decided on the controversial immigration decree of Salvini in November with a large majority. By law, the granting of humanitarian residence is to be restricted permits solid and the expulsion of immigrants easier. Also, the distribution and accommodation of asylum seekers was re-regulated: The majority of will be in large collection centres.

The Italian government from the Lega party and the populist Five-star movement represents since its inauguration in the summer, a tough stance on the refugee and immigration policy. Ships with rescued refugees on Board refused to Salvini, the Arriving in Italian ports.


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