Actually, Luigi Di Maio was just a knock out. Anything that brings him and his Five star movement in the media. There, the coalition partner, the Northern League chief Matteo Salvini, has Long been the sound. And while the party is becoming more attractive, losing Di Maios force constantly trailer.

Up to the forthcoming regional elections in Sardinia and the Abruzzo must be stopped the downward trend, to stumble is not completely beaten in the European elections in may.

As a victim of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, offered. For one, Italy’s current Regents are associated with its domestic opponents. Salvini flirts with the Boss of the far-right National Front, Marine Le Pen. And Di Maio interested in the French yellow the West, he is not a suitable Partner in Europe.

the French left, according to the public opinion in Italy, their neighbors in the issue of the refugees in the lurch, and publicly criticized. Prior to Macron, many Italians felt that the French are arrogant, the Parisian political analyst, Dominique Moisi. The “Grande Nation” France, feeling “in a different League” to the Germany, but not Italy.

Africans to pay France’s debts

As a point of attack, you had a look at the recurring issue of refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. Again and again, Italy denied the inclusion of people in Need, most recently it went to 47 people on Board the “Sea-Watch 3”.

A first attack came from Alessandro Di Battista, the number two of the Italian star movement. Some people also say that, the upcoming number one. He would save “the refugees and the French port of Marseille,” in front of he wore in a RAI-TV show on the previous Sunday evening. After all, France was the main responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Africa, and in order for the refugees. The “French neo-colonialism” prevent that his “slaves” to be self-employed. With the money, the CFA Franc, the France for 14 Sahel States, all Ex-colonies, and controlled, don’t have prints of Paris, just these countries. It is Finance to also “own debts”.

EU sanctions against Macron

A few hours after Battista took over Di Maio. He was going to request “officially in the EU”, countries “with sanctions,” the African press, like France, with the Franc CFA. This is “a fight of decency against the hypocrisy of Macron”. Only its “colonies” have been known in France for its economic position. France, as the main have of guilty to the Migration from Africa to Europe, hurt also in Italy, where most of the refugees landed.

The government in Paris called the accusations “baseless and unacceptable” and ordered last Monday, Italy’s Ambassador, to officially their displeasure known. Especially since now the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte and the Lega-entrances Boss Salvini. The former is a little shy – it is legitimate to address the subject was the second in accordance with his reputation as a hatchet man. Macron will give the floor to other “lessons in generosity, but then rejects tens of Thousands of migrants in Ventimiglia (at the French-Italian border),” says Salvini. He hope that the French will punish your “bad President” in the European elections.

“Who is the Dumbest?”

In this style it went merrily. In between came concerns, but many in the Roman government. Only the Prime Minister, Conte assured, it’ll stay, of course, in the case of “our historic friendship with France”. Then the Minister to put on the outside, you stay “friends, allies”. Self-Lega Salvini urged prudence, “we have to get along with the government in Paris, Yes, for the time being”.

But the abstruse dispute was not. The Prime Minister, Conte himself quipped in Davos, if France wants to have a stronger Europe, “it can to have its seat in the UN security Council” and of the EU. Minister of justice Alfonso Bonafede of the Five-stars outraged, France refuses, and 14 Italians to deliver, which would be wanted as a terrorist and a murderer. Paris rebuked Rome, you haven’t sent a request for extradition. Rome countered: But we have, already in the eighties and then again in 2002. From Paris, the Minister for Europe Nathalie Loiseau not crowned the bizarre debate with the note, you’ll do “in the competition, who’s the Dumbest”.

economy against the Roman attacks

Italy’s economy, the Whole followed with discomfort. “Incomprehensible and counterproductive,” and called Licia Mattioli, Vice-President of the industrial Association Confindustria, the attacks from Rome. It was very much on the game. France is after Germany the most important trading partner and buys ten percent of the total Italian exports. Big insurance companies in Italy – such as Generali and Unicredit are in French hands, as well as illustrious names from the fashion industry: Bulgari, Fendi, Gucci and Brioni.

Great Italian-French projects are currently in a delicate Phase, where a harmonious cooperation of the two governments would be useful. For example:

the rescue of Alitalia; the highly-indebted airline to society under the wing of the French-Dutch Air France/KLM. Paris and Rome to negotiate about it; responsible in Rome – as the Minister for economic development – of all things star Chef Luigi Di Maio;

the proposed merger of the Stx shipyard Saint-Nazaire with Italy’s Fincantieri; the production of the French nuclear submarines would be with in Italian hands; if Paris accepts the currently?

the quarrel of the, of Rome, desired, sale of the network of the Italian Telecom ; 23.9 percent belong to the French company Vivendi;

the remediation of Italian banks, there might be new money; two Italian major banks and a number of savings banks French groups;

the political duration of the dispute to the high-speed railway line Lyon-Turin (TAV); France has invested several billion, Italy has promised to give his share, now the Five-star government side wants to stop the project completely; “No TAV” was one of their main election slogans.

The cooperation with France, with Europe, “is the only possible perspective,” says industry spokeswoman Mattioli. To make this clear, at 31. January meeting in Rome, the President of the Italian, the French and European industry Association and a “Manifesto for a Europe of the industry” sign. Only as a United Europe to have a Chance in competition with the United States, with Russia and with China. Alone and estranged, Licia Matteoli, “we will remain Däumlinge”.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.