“A Morning full of work, Meetings and decisions, now is the lunch break and so the doubt: Dear Spaghetti with Oil and Parmesan cheese, with tomato or meat sauce?” In the Hand of the man with the short hair and the neat clipped Beard holding a bottle in the centre of the image: Franciscan. Well, Yes, advertising, clearly, Yes.

But the man who advertises there, seemingly, is not a professional actor – and not just any pasta – or Internet-Junkie, but one of the most famous and most powerful men in Italy: Matteo Salvini, head of the national Northern League, interior Minister and Deputy Premier in the Roman government. And an almost manic users of digital networks.

The Franziskaner white beer is more common in its Web-performances. “I understand what a good beer”, he tweeted recently, “this is the best white beer in Germany and the world”. There are Franciscans only as a brand, but he probably doesn’t know. It will be brewed at the Lowenbrau, it belongs to the Belgian Anheuser-Busch InBev group. But who cares?

Occasionally, the hard-working Product-Placer has a whole court: On a slightly bekleckerten plate angefleckte pasta curls, next to a glass with red wine. “200 grams of Bucatini pasta from Barilla”, so the Tweet, “a little Ragout of Star, and a glass of Barolo Gianni Gagliardo. Goes straight to the hips! Good Afternoon Friends!”

The Ragout is everywhere in Italy, it is Italian, but the finished sauce in a large Spanish conglomerate. 100 grams costs about a Euro. But the Twitter-Influencer is not revealed. Also, do not how expensive the wine is around 30 euros per bottle.

2966 answers, 341 Retweets and 3713 “back Like me” came up – actually a whole lot for a bekleckerten noodle dish. Some were enthusiastic (“You’re super!”), a lot of rather negative. Of the “not edible” to “my dog eats better”. But, above all, the question was: Is the Simply-cooking show for real or maybe a Fake? Or the surreptitious advertising, but pay for it?

“Il Capitano” in the right light

More than three million Followers on Facebook, a Million in the case of Instagram and 937.000 on Twitter: On a good day, but with more than 50 Posts and Tweets across the country present. If there is a Roma-Camp by government bulldozers platt, is a little film in his Internet messages, with titles such as “The blurt, of the power of others”. Whether he is a guest in a TV show, on a marketplace – talk, or even just a girl runs somewhere in Italy with a “I like Matteo”hat by a TV picture is to see everything in the network. A whole Crew working on it, “Il Capitano” – as he likes to be by his followers call it – around the clock in the right image.

it was accustomed to. But in the last few weeks of this new Element is the confusion: Salvini presents, sometimes daily, food and drinks, and the like. A piece of Pizza and a bottle of Heineken beer – so in the picture, you can also read the name of the producer good – yoghurt, Franciscan or Moretti beer of the Alps, with the toast “here’s To you, friends!”. Or he asks in the digital Ether, the products are not naturally in the Hand: “to Whom for a crepe with Nutella?”

Why does he do that?

A pretty brazen for a politician, actually, outrageous, intolerable kind of (not even stealth)advertising? Journalists of the Roman daily newspaper “La Repubblica” asked the firms, which are particularly brought to the picture, the world market leader in the Pasta Segment, the company Barilla, Nutella producer Ferrero and one of the world’s largest Breweries, Heineken. Result: All of the assure, neither Salvini and his Lega party to get money or other benefits. You do not know, whether it really is beneficial to be the quite controversial far-right politician their products prices. Many people would be deterred possibly.

If not for money or donation to a political party, why is he doing it for then?, a lot of questions. For the simple pleasure and boredom? From a morbid self-esteem? Narcissism?

“Just show to my everyday life,” says Salvini, “a strategy behind it.” But nobody now believes. A rather Salvini-critical Twitter Followers is close to that, maybe the solution: The innocent, unsuspecting human, the Salvini with the Pasta or the crumbly cheese corners, think “Oh, Il Capitano eats like me, drink like me, is not a man as I, like the people who goes to a Restaurant, eats Nutella crepe at home”.

similarly, it also sees Filippo Sensi, a communication expert and members of Parliament of the opposition social democratic party PD. Salvini’m not advertising, he says, rather it should be Vice versa: the products apply to him, make him popular, show him as a like you and me.

If it works like this, in the case of Salvini’s beer and noodle Show a very different question: Why do the other politicians, such as Sensis party friends, to bring the people closer? Not to bring down left-wing politicians simple Barilla pasta and sticky Nutella crepes? Not even with beer?

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.