For Martha Kennedy Morales, it was a very narrow defeat and one that brought her unexpected encouragement from the highest authority: The 8-Year-old from the US state of Maryland had applied in her class at School to the class sprecheramt and was subject to its own statements, with only one vote less.

“I know too well, it is not easy to apply for a job, for otherwise only the young” report, read the student a little later in a letter that arrived for her, the former US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton had personally signed.

Clinton was the first woman in U.S. history, which was set up by one of the major parties for the election to the President. She lost to the 2016 Republican candidate Donald Trump, after electoral votes – and, although she repeated a total of more votes than the entrepreneur.

“I was very surprised”

In the choice of school, the Offices are laid out as in the great American policy. The class speaker is President. Martha was by her narrow defeat automatically to the Deputy of the fourth-grader who decided the election To him it is now as Vice-President. The work is now waiting for the student, described it as: “If House and Senate don’t agree, I tip the scales. And I have Meetings with the President. This is what I do.”

The “Washington Post”, which had first reported about the letter, and with Morales spoke, wrote, the student provided a good explanation of the job, as you could have the real U.S. Vice President.

The girl’s father had reported to Facebook about the campaign, his daughter, a well-Known Clinton saw the Posts and told the former Minister and First Lady. Clinton’s spokesman, Nick Merrill, confirmed the authenticity of the letter to the student.

The girl said, her mother picked her up from school and the letter from the bag pulled. You’ve opened it. “I was very surprised.”


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