the former Air-Berlin-a major shareholder Etihad to a billion-dollar damages claim. The creditors of the bankrupt, once the second-largest German airline to challenge up to two billion euros by the group from Abu Dhabi, the Berlin regional court informed. You throw the Etihad to have their firm commitment broken, to support the notoriously loss-making Air Berlin for at least another 18 months financially.

After the Arabs had set up their aid four months later, surprisingly, had to Air Berlin within a few days to file for bankruptcy. For most creditors, the legal action is the only hope, at least a portion of your money back. Etihad’t commented yet to the lawsuit.

the insolvency administrator had already been threatened with suit

the insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther, to be submitted in suit to a volume of 500 million euros. The sum, however, refers only to the already approved claims of Creditors. You could still grow significantly, if more claims are audited. The court determined the amount in dispute, the cost of the suit, up to two billion euros.

Flöther had already been repeatedly threatened with the lawsuit, but so far with their submission hesitated. Because of the costs associated Flöther was looking for a process financiers, the vorschießt the money, and in case of success, a part of the compensation sum, once is enough – typically 20 to 30 percent. Under this condition, the creditor had already given in the spring of the green light for the suit.


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