“The owners of a Samsung TV with iTunes and AirPlay more content, defends more and is an open platform that is ideal for all of them,” says the head of Samsung’s TV division, Won-Jin Lee, shortly before the start of CES in Las Vegas. With his Statement he refers to an announcement, the Korean electronics manufacturer surprised the industry on Sunday, Samsung TV in the future will be able to watch movies and TV shows from Apple’s iTunes Store without the need for additional Hardware to play.

An Apple TV, don’t need Samsung customer, the users are at the same time Apple, in the future. Via an App on the device, as Samsung will have direct access to his iTunes library. Within the same App, you can also movies and TV shows from Apple’s offerings or rent to buy. In addition, you can stream Videos directly from iPhones, iPads and Macs to Samsung TVs. The necessary AirPlay-2-technology, from Apple will install the Samsung also.

However, it can only benefit anyone who buys one of the new Smart TV models in the class of 2019 in the case of Samsung, or a model of 2018, which is made by the Update for iTunes and AirPlay fit. Older models are not. Even those that are equipped with a slot for a so-called Evolution Kit, which could actually allow for such Upgrades.

Apple expands its potential clientele

For Apple, this step is unusual at first glance. So far, the group was very restrictive, iTunes, and iTunes content you could watch it only on Apple devices and listen. Watching movies on a TV you had to buy an Apple TV. With the Opening of this system to Samsung, the California-based group expands, however, its potential clientele to all those who are not ready to buy an Apple TV, or for aesthetic reasons, no additional devices to your TV want to connect. This fits in with the strategy of Apple to make its own services to the major source of income to the weakening of the Smartphone market.

The new iTunes App wants to offer Samsung at the Start in 100 countries around the world, AirPlay 2, support Samsung TV in 190 countries. About the new models for 2019, known Monday morning, but still nothing. At an event on Sunday night in Las Vegas were able to bring neither technical Details nor prices.

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