US President Donald Trump has taken his daughter Ivanka to your violations of the rules of communication of the White house. She had sent to the Start of your time as a consultant for part of the service Mails to a private Mail account. However, these messages were not confidential, informed Donald Trump in Washington.

Ivanka Trump have also deleted any emails or a mail server is used, said the US President. Therefore, they should be compared in no way with the Democrat, Hillary Clinton. Other estimates “are all Fake News,” he said. His rival in the presidential campaign of 2016, he was attacked repeatedly because of private servers that mailed E-Mails. He called it “fraudulent, Hillary,” and said they belong in jail.

Ivanka Trump confirmed, however, the use of your private Accounts for your adviser to place in the White house. It was, however, almost always, “logistics and scheduling around your family,” said a spokesman for your Prosecutor. Moreover, this had happened before she had been informed about the rules for dealing with E-Mails.

Democrats terminate the investigation of

The opposition Democrats want the E-Mail use by Ivanka Trump will now investigate further. The oversight Committee of the house of representatives will deal with the matter as soon as the Democrats took over in January, the control of the Congress chamber, said Congressman Elijah Cummings. It should be examined whether the presidential adviser Ivanka Trump had violated the law.

currently, the Republican-led oversight committees in the Senate and in the house of representatives announced further investigations. The Chairman asked the White house for more information about the servers to be used and the content of the messages. The government of headquarters should also demonstrate that the E-Mails had been stored, in accordance with Federal law. Because of this, the complete correspondence of the presidential office is kept.

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