Seven years after his arrest, the world criminal court located in The Hague, the release of Laurent Gbagbo. The 73-year-old Ex-head of state of ivory coast had to answer for in 2016 because of the most serious crimes after the presidential election in 2010 before the International criminal court.

The prosecution had not submitted sufficient evidence, stated the judge, and instead gave a request of the defenders. The acquittal is a major setback for the prosecution. Also, the co-defendant, former youth Minister, Charles Blé Goudé was acquitted of all charges.

Gbagbo was the first former head of state, the world criminal court, the process had to be made. The prosecution may appeal against the judgment.

The prosecution rested Gbagbo, among other things, the responsibility for murders and rapes in the West African country. He had lost the 2010 presidential election, but refused to make for his successor, President Alassane Ouattara of space. In the April 2011 duration of the conflict, around 3000 people had been killed.


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