Shared by Charles Aznavour and Eric Cantona, Igor Bogdanoff and Danièle Gilbert, Disiz the Plague, and Mimie Mathy, Francis Lalanne, and Nicolas Sarkozy, Jackie Chan and Inès de La Fressange, Master Gims and Omar Sy, Tony Blair and Annie Cordy ? Nothing, absolutely nothing, except this : all appear in the photo album of Jean-Laurent Leffray, 30 years old, a collector of selfies. This native of le Mans, where he lives, shoot everything that shines and shakes on the PAF. Singers, comedians, top models, starlets, reality tv, presenters, weather, fashion designers, ex-Miss France, high-level athletes, cooks, people, presidents of the Republic… are Put online on a blog titled ” My stars and me “, his gallery has just reached the bar of 1 500 heads famous, immortalized in his company. The question with him is not knowing who is there. But rather : who is not there.

Nicknamed “J. Lo” in the middle of the hunters of autographs and selfies, Jean-Laurent Leffray has found his hobby at age 12. His mother and him involved on this day, in the public, at the show There’s only the truth that counts, on TF1. At the end of the shooting, a photo is taken with the animator Pascal Battle. Followed by other records : “The Bigdil “, Vincent Lagaf’, ” The Method Cauet “, Sébastien Cauet. That Cauet will open later the door of the radio studios and tv to this big boy falsely shy, armed with a digital camera, holding in the hollow of the hand.

A strategy based on the stamina

the Palace of The congress of le Mans will be his first pitch of the game. “This is an ideal location since there was no entrance of the artists. Everyone uses the same door. The only one I have not been able to have, it is Pierre Perret, which is passed through the parking lot. “Everywhere else, including in Paris, where he went three or four times a month, Jean-Laurent Leffray has developed a strategy based on endurance. “I usually arrive at 9 o’clock in order to make the tour of the room of the show or the hotel, I check with the security officers or parking valets. It can be a long one. “Very long even : twelve hours sure beats sitting in front of the Hotel George V to stay to Celine Dion in the SD card of his Nikon.

Oddly enough, the difficulty to be photographed with a star is not a result of his level of notoriety. Take John Travolta, put in a box at an avant-premiere in Paris : “It is the press officer who took the photo with my camera. All the fans went to the tail leu leu. If Travolta would close the eyes on a photo, it was deleted on-the-field so that it does not circulate on the social networks. “Always ask the celebrity for permission to upload their photos taken on the sly (but never brutally) :” I am not harassing anyone. “

Stars dépenaillées or hirsute

Some have told him not and re-no, as Sheila and Jacques Higelin. Other, dépenaillés or shaggy in the next day of party, have asked him to keep the photo for him. Emmanuel Macron, shot for the first time as a presidential candidate, and later as the head of State, had told him, the second time : “I recognize you. You have a compound given name. “This is his only motivation :” It is a real pleasure when someone remembers you. And then, it is not given to everyone to share small moments with stars. “

Her next “targets” are referred to as Pamela Anderson, the new recruit of ” Dancing with the stars “, and the facilitator Dorothy, whose show, “Récré A2” was arrested the year of his birth, in 1988.

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