The number of airplane accidents dead people is increased in the expiring year, according to the experts drastically. Although the number of serious accidents in civil aviation has remained at 45 almost at the previous year’s level, climbed in the world, the total number of dead from 40 to 559 people.

“almost finished flight accident year 2018, you might overwrite good with the title ‘Back to normal'”, said the head of the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (Jacdec), Jan-Arwed Richter, the German press Agency. The half-year balance sheets of the Jacdec, and the Federal Agency for flight accident investigation (BFU) in Braunschweig had suggested. In Germany, especially smaller aircraft up to 2000 kg in the serious cases were involved.

the judge referred to the fact that the previous year had been figures in the world of air travel is an absolute exceptional year with extremely low values in the case of the victim. According to the analysis of the Hamburg-based Jacdec-aircraft accident offices for the aviation magazine “Aero International” was the number of victims in 2018, while above the Ten-year average of 448 dead, but still far below the 25-year average of 844 deaths.

No reason to panic, says the Jacdec-office, the registered for nearly 30 years, the accidents and serious incidents in civil aviation and analyzed. Sit captured aircraft over 5.7 tons in weight, or 19.

“The long-term comparison shows that the already low number of accidents drops in air traffic, while the number of passengers increases,” says the Federal Association of the German air traffic economy (BdL), the safety record in the air transport sector to similar results. “The efforts of aircraft manufacturers, aviation industry and authorities to maintain the high level of safety in air transport,” says BDL managing Director Matthias von Randow.

189 victims at the crash in Jakarta

Among the severe accidents, the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX, the Indonesian airline Lion Air this year. almost brand new machine was on 29. October brought down only eleven minutes after the Start-up in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, into the sea, all 189 occupants were killed. Investigators are examining whether the pilots reacted correctly, as it may produce false sensor information, an auxiliary system is activated, and the bow of the Jets down and oppressed.

The pilots would not be able to leave the System in the Cockpit again, but what happened, obviously. Although the final report of the investigator will only be available in the coming year is already for the aviation expert Heinrich large bongardt clear: “This accident is against the Background of the current Accident record is an alarm signal for me.”

be going to regional this year, the most severe accidents in the case of Airlines in the Asian region. “In Europe, and also in the USA, the aviation world is largely fine, even with the low-cost Airlines; difficult in certain regions, but in Asia, where it is structurally.”

Local airlines would continue to make mass orders of hundreds of new Jets in the headlines, without sufficient experienced Crews or mechanics. “The have operated for a long time, especially in the USA and experienced flight captains weggekauft,” says the expert. But in the meantime, the market was swept largely empty.

doubling of the fleet in the next 20 years

The air travel author Gunter Hartung, who has interviewed in his just published work “the joy of flying pilots and their way into the Cockpit” flight crews worldwide to your professional reality confirmed. “There is a huge demand for pilots – especially if you are flexible, and the world-market in mind,” he says. The market is more positive than is often portrayed – even if the pay was as lush as before.

According to an Airbus study, is expected to double the global passenger jet fleet in a year to 4.4 percent growth in traffic in the next 20 years to more than 48,000 machines. This would create a need for 540.000 new pilots, says the study.


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