The Federal government has evidenced because of the killing of the saudi Arabian government critic Jamal Khashoggi of Saudi Arabia, with sanctions and the arms deliveries to the country stopped completely. This is the Federal Ministry of the economy announced and informed that this prohibition is for all those weapons and other armor applies to goods whose Export has already been approved.

How to apply long the Export ban is unclear. The Federal government had announced its intention to other EU States, such a step is convincing- so far without success. The French President, Emmanuel Macron rejected the German advance rugged.

In a further point, Germany and France work together but apparently. So the Federal government took the lock 18 Saudi nationals, in connection with the murder of the journalist, with Entry – in the words of German foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), this happened in close coordination with the governments in Paris and London. Here, too, so it writes the mirror here, too, before diplomatic Attempts failed to convince all EU members of such Entry barriers. Now, first of all, the governments in Berlin and Paris, which denied the 15 alleged members of the hit squad, the Saudi Consul General, as well as two high-ranking former government and security officials, the entry into the Schengen area. As the reason Germany and France have called, therefore, averting of a danger.

the measure, the Federal government is responding to the so far available results of the investigations to the case of Khashoggi – once an Advisor, a critic of the Saudi Royal house. This was, according to the Turkish government on 2. October at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul by an extra from Saudi Arabia have travelled in command had been killed. Then his body is cut up and dissolved in an acid. The Royal house in Riyadh confirmed the killing of the 59-year-old journalist who had written after his escape to the USA for the Washington Post, after weeks of denials, but denies that the command was given by crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

this is what the US secret service, CIA, in addition to the Turkish government: As several U.S. media, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, citing American government officials reports, experts say that Saudi Arabia’s crown Prince for the applicant for the murder of the journalist. The Washington Post reported that the government had attested to the CIA’s assessment, a high level of credibility.

Should confirm the findings of the CIA, this would not only strain the relations between the United States and key allies Saudi Arabia, but also of the Prosecutor’s office in Riyadh directly contradict. This had relieved the crown Prince last again, and instead of five senior government employees accused of arbitrarily a 15-member special team to kill Khashoggis sent. The accused face the death penalty.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.