A group of Republican U.S. senators see it, it has been proved that the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was involved in the killing of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the Senate, Republican Bob Corker, said: “I have absolutely no doubt that the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ordered the killing, the killing has to be monitored, knew exactly what happened, and it has pre-planned. In court, he would be spoken to within 30 minutes of guilty.”

the Head of The American foreign secret service, the CIA, Gina reel, had a group of senators briefed behind closed doors about the findings in the case. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who is considered an ally of President Donald Trump said afterwards, with a view to the crown Prince: “I think that he was involved in the murder of Mr Khashoggi at the highest possible level.” There are zero possibilities that the killing happened in such an organized way, without the crown Prince. Graham wanted to help, no weapons sales to Saudi Arabia until those responsible have been held accountable.

With your Comments were the Republicans against US President Donald Trump. Trump had said several times in recent weeks that he does not think that the blame of the Kronzprinzen have not been proved, and the partnership, as well as the shops with Saudi Arabia not like to risk it. Also, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had taken Mohammed bin Salman repeatedly in protection. Last Pompeo said: “I have read all of the intelligence information in the possession of the government of the United States. There is no direct evidence that connects him with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.”

Graham calls for sanctions

Senator Graham assumes that Pompeo follow the requirements of the President. You do not need to be “intentionally blind” to come to the conclusion that the crown Prince was involved in the act. Graham spoke out in consequence of a Resolution of the Senate, in the Kronzprinz is called as one of those responsible for the killing. Against those responsible for the sanctions to be imposed, said Graham. Also the message had to assume that the murder of journalists will not be tolerated. “If we don’t send out this message, we can make the world really a more dangerous place,” said Graham.

The Wall Street Journal reported, the CIA concluded in not-yet-published documents with a “medium to high” security estimates that the crown Prince Khashoggis death “had probably arranged”. It is direct evidence, such as a kill command is missing.

The saudi Arabian crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is suspected of the killing of the government Khashoggi arranged critical journalists Jamal at the beginning of October in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, or to at least have known about it. The exile in the US living columnist for the Washington Post was passed in the Turkish Embassy, the documents for his wedding to pick up. After he had not returned from the Embassy, had confirmed the saudi Arabian government for his killing, after weeks of international pressure, indirectly. The saudi Arabian leadership but it rejects the accusation, to have arranged slaughter.

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