The USA have imposed in connection with the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi sanctions against 17 Saudi nationals. Including the Saudi-Consul General in Istanbul, Mohammed al-Otaibi, and members of a team, which is made for the death of Khashoggis in the diplomatic representation responsible, such as the U.S. Treasury Department announced. All 17 were involved in the “heinous murder”. “These persons, a journalist who lived in the United States and worked for, attacks and brutally killed, have to wear for their deeds, the consequences”, said the Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin.

Khashoggi was under suspicious circumstances during a visit to the saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul on 2. October disappeared. Only after prolonged Hesitation, Saudi Arabia admitted that the Journalist had been killed, and initiated an investigation. His body, however, remained disappeared.

The most prominent of the sanctions Affected, Saud bin Abdullah al-Kahtani. He was for media Affairs at the Royal court in charge and was sacked in the night of death Khashoggis was given. Al-Kahtani is seen as a close Confidant of crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Ministry of Finance announced that the Operation to kill Khashoggis had been coordinated by Al-Kahtanis Servant Maher Mutreb and running. Involved in addition, a Team of 14 other Saudis have been.

The possession of the data in the United States will now be frozen. U.S. citizens are allowed to do with them also, no more business. Mnuchin called on the Saudi government to “take reasonable steps to end attacks on political dissidents or journalists”. On US President Donald Trump increasing pressure had been exerted, in the case of Khashoggi to impose sanctions.

The Prosecutor’s office in Saudi Arabia, had previously presented their Version to the circumstances of the Deaths Khashoggis and the death penalty for five suspects demanded. A spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Riyadh said the now-dismissed Deputy chief of intelligence, General Ahmed al-Assiri, have arranged the use to Khashoggi bring, if necessary, with violence, after Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did, however, had no knowledge of it. Turkey expressed doubts as to the Version.

The prosecuting body language, with their explanations to the saudi Arabian crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman de facto by the international brought in many cases pre-suspicion, to have the murder of the journalists, arranged. Also in the message of the American Ministry of Finance, no reference to the heir to the throne.

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