The Premier League club Huddersfield Town, after the separation of David Wagner again on a German coach. Jan Siewert, who has previously coached the second team of Borussia Dortmund, the table last. The club confirmed in a statement on his Website.

a week Ago, had separated Wagner was ahead of his time in Huddersfield is also the coach of the Bundesliga Reserve of the BVB and the club by mutual consent. “David came to us and made it clear he needed a break from the rigors of the trainer existence,” had President Dean Hoyle said after the separation.

In Siewert now follows the next German. Hoyle warned before, but to compare the new Coach due to the Similarities with the old one. “So you would be doing him a disservice,” said the club President.

Siewert had already been since his time at VfL Bochum from Huddersfield, was observed. “We have spoken for the first time two years ago with him,” said Hoyle. “Since then, we remained in contact and have followed his progress with interest.” Under Siewert, the second team of Borussia Dortmund is on the fourth place in the Regionalliga West.

in addition to Wagner and Siewert have managed already more Trainer from the Foundation of the Bundesliga team of Borussia Dortmund in the professional area. HSV-coach Hannes Wolf coached the U19 Dortmund, before it was changed in 2016 to VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga.

A fun at the coach presentation

Although the “Terriers” in the Premier League, ten points behind a non-relegation place, they have proven during the presentation of Siewert on Twitter Humor.

At the first League game after the separation of Wagner against Manchester City (0:3) said, the English TV channel Sky to have the new coach Siewert on the tribune discovered. Sky Reporter Patrick Davison went up to the stands, even on the Siewert deceptively similar-looking man.

On the question of whether he was Jan, the new Manager of Huddersfield, is said to have told the visitors: “no, no, I’m not. I’m Martin from Wakefield.”

This scene took Huddersfield to the occasion, even before the idea of Siewert to show the stadium visitors to be according to the “Telegraph” is actually a Manchester City Fan, a Twitter Video in the trainer’s office. Under the Hashtag “NotMartinFromWakefield” knocking first against the end of the video Siewert on the door and introduces himself as the new coach of Huddersfield.


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