A gas leak has likely caused the massive Explosion in a pub restaurant in the North of Japan, with dozens injured. In the accident the wooden building, in which, apart from the pub in a traditional Izakaya style, the office of a rental company and a hospital were destroyed,. The reports in the Japanese media, called on authorities.

42 people were injured in the Explosion in the capital of the Northern-most island province of Hokkaido, one of them seriously, it said. The guests of Izakaya-pub would have been saved, by they entered the thin outer walls of the wooden building, reported one of the victims.

The fire lasted until the early hours of the morning. By the force of the Detonation and of the following Brands window panes of the surrounding residential homes and Restaurants, and shattered by the news Agency Kyodo reported. Wood debris had flown dozens of meters around.

Many local residents would have first thought that it was an earthquake. In front of the pub and in front of the office of the rental company, several propane gas would have been bottles. Gas lines in the wooden buildings were damaged, it said.


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