The French auto group Renault is facing a new Era. The dazzling and for his tough decisions and the infamous Carlos Ghosn follows with Jean-Dominique Senard is a cautious Manager who sees to the concerns of its workforce as well as the shareholders.

friends and relatives mentioned the ur-French noble Scion as a retiree at the winery of his family in Provence, as all the world already suspected, that the Board of Directors of Renault would nominate the former head of the tire – Supplier Michelin this Thursday as the new Chairman and President of the auto group. This is going to happen now. “I’ll be glad if I can serve somewhere”, let Senard know.

And all the French who have seen in Renault used to be the great showpiece of their country, should have initiated a clandestine sigh of relief. Because so successful Ghosn was popular he never was. And for some, even hated.

Thierry Bollore, the current Vice Ghosns and new Renault General Director

The 65-year-old Senard as Board of Directors Chairman and President of Renault, not exactly the same office as Ghosn – he shares the duties with the new Director-General Thierry Bollore, the current Vice Ghosns that will take care of the operational side of the business. Senard, however, the task is to save the complicated life work of his predecessor: the French-Japanese Alliance of Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi, the today to the piece number of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

the son of an Ambassador

the son of a well-known French Ambassador to bring his small on learned diplomatic skills. But above all, Senard in France is known as the representative of a Management idea, which relies explicitly on the involvement of employees and trade Union representatives.

“He is a great Industrialist, a social conception of the company and has already proved several times,” praise him, the French Finance and economy Minister Bruno Le Maire. Just to help him in dealing with Japanese Alliance partners, which the relentless Top-down style of leadership of Ghosn, although two decades ago, the Survival of rescued, but they would have today a greater say in the group.

Senard served Total, Michelin, Saint-Gobain

Senard is more of a strategist, as a car man. He has served the oil giant Total, the building material giants Saint-Gobain and the aluminum manufacturer Pechiney, before he at the auto supplier Michelin the undisputed chief of the ascent. For him, it was, according to his own words, a “walk through hell”, as Pechiney in 2003, was taken over by the canadian Alcan group, and he had to lay off hundreds of employees.

Since then he has been a staunch opponent of the Shareholder-Value concept. “We need to liberate business leaders from the yoke of the short-term increase in Profit, which will be on their shoulders,” he said at a managers Meeting last July in Aix-en-Provence. A way of Thinking that has in Japan to this day, Tradition and with which he breaks through in the case of Nissan and Mitsubishi, to open the doors.

In Detail, but Senards job could be more difficult: Today, Nissan produces around six million cars in the year and Renault nearly four million. But Renault has more than twice as many shares in the Nissan group (44 percent), such as Nissan, Renault (15 percent) are without voting right. Ghosn, says the industry, wanted to respond to this large imbalances in the Alliance with a stronger Fusion.

Therefore, say evil tongues, he is sitting since November in a Tokyo prison. Opponents of the merger concept would have ratted him out at the Japanese public Prosecutor’s office. It seems clear now that Senard reach out to its Japanese partners and their increased share must reward to the Alliance. With Bolloré’s a man him to the side, the expert is regarded in the industry as a renowned Japan.

car Manager in prison, The mysterious case of Carlos Ghosn

Sure can be Senard it has the backing of its largest shareholder. Because the Renault is still the French state. As a “Social-Macronist” describes the Paris newspaper Le Monde the new Renault boss, because he wrote in a report last year for the government Macron, called for companies by law to social and ecological obligations. From the report, a law was in the meantime.

Now Senard is the first to implement it in Renault. Thus, the car manufacturer will again take the social model that it once was. A work of art must succeed, but also: Ghosn delivered in 2017, a record-winning margin of 6.6 percent, overtaking Volkswagen. Apart from all social considerations Senard will be in the future also measured.

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