professional football player Kevin Panne WITZ wants to defend against the termination by the third-tier FC Carl Zeiss Jena. “I have a family, a wife and a kid, I stumbled by the behaviour of Jena completely in front of the head. The club has shut me down at the first opportunity, we go,” said 27-Year-old the “Bild am Sonntag”.

FC Carl Zeiss Jena had announced the extraordinary termination on the last Wednesday – the official reasons were not known. Trainer Luke Kwasniok had criticised his professional earlier due to the Overweight. Already in the first half of the season, the midfielder was irritated a lot of people because of his physical Constitution.

Whether this was also the reason for the termination was not communicated officially. Glitch joke had gone according to their own information, with a weight of 95 kilograms in the holidays, and with 98.3 kg after the winter break returned. Glitch joke is 1.85 metres tall.

“It appears so, as if I had lived in the vacation uninhibited”

“We had an indoor tournament, and then I was informed by the club: You have to as soon as possible, get out of here! I’ve still one and a half year contract,” said Panne joke. Jena had offered him no Alternative, you could just want to get rid of. Glitch joke says, to the rear round kick-off on October 26. January, he would have been “in shape”. Jena has not commented on the new allegations, despite request.

breakdown joke justified the increase of more than three kilograms over the Christmas break that he had been in the two weeks before his vacation and at the beginning of winter break sick. He had not been able to exercise: “It is shown as if I had lived in the vacation uninhibited, eaten. This is completely wrong.”

glitch joke had been suspended in October last year already once for disciplinary reasons for a week. After his second-division debut at the age of 17 when Hansa Rostock he got in the summer of 2012, while Bundesliga side Wolfsburg have a Chance. A year later he was without a club, and played in lower leagues with clubs. His involvement in Jena should be a new fresh start.


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