the Federal health Minister Jens Spahn has distanced itself from its competitors, the CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, and Friedrich Merz. The former Union leader, Merz, under the handling of the party, sheath him Spahn said the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany. “I’ve made in just the last two years, more than 250 dates on site and with the many members and constituents are discussed. I led the party in good times and bad election campaign.” There is a need for a “real restart”, said Spahn.

The election of the Chairperson of the CDU is at 7. December, at a party conference in Hamburg planned. This Thursday, the first of eight regional conferences take place in Lübeck, where the candidate is to introduce candidates to the members. Merkel dispensed with after 18 years to another term as CDU leader.

“Given the current situation we can rely not only on ‘Continue’ and continuity,” said Spahn. Many of the members had a clear picture of what he is. In terms of generational change, he will offer “a perspective that goes beyond the years”.

Spahn wants to remain in defeat in the CDU-leadership

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer Spahn threw a backward-looking company policy. “I voted with Conviction for the Opening up of marriage,” said the openly gay and with his Partner married Spahn. If his marriage is called “in one breath with incest or polygamy, meets me personally”.

Kramp-Karrenbauer had said in 2015 as the Saarland Minister-President, there is a clear Definition of marriage as the Union of man and woman. “If we open the Definition in a long-term responsible partnership between two adult people, not to exclude other claims: a marriage among close Relatives, or of more than two people.”

Spahn made it clear that he wants to engage in the event of a defeat for the party presidency to continue in a leading position in the CDU. “I’m running for the leadership of the team. But I will definitely stay in the Team, because I want the success of the CDU,” said the health Minister.

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