filed Just a week after the scandal to CNN’s chief political correspondent Jim Acosta, the transmitter has a lawsuit against the government of President Donald Trump. In the case of court had been requested that the TV Reporter gets immediately from the office of the President have withdrawn for press conferences in the White house, told the station.

Acosta wanted to ask questions on immigration and Russia, cut off Trump the word to him and insulted him. “That’s enough,” said Trump several times. Then an Intern of the White house, Acosta tried the microphone off. Acosta, however, refused. The fact Trump said: “CNN should be ashamed of themselves for working there. You are a rude and terrible Person.” A little later the office of the President stripped to Trumps arrangement Acosta’s accreditation.

The White house accuses the journalists in press conferences on several occasions “inappropriate” behavior. Acosta had refused, in the press conference, “physically”, the microphone is returned, and the Intern. “We will never tolerate a Reporter who puts his hands on a young woman who’s just trying to do your Job as an Intern in the White house,” said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a spokeswoman for the White house. CNN reported that Sanders had lied in their statement. Your allegations are fraudulent, and they point to an incident that had never happened. Eye-witnesses confirmed this.

The withdrawal of the press card is in breach of the constitutional rights of freedom of the press and the rule of law, told CNN. “It could happen to anyone”. If it is not against such measures would be taken, this could act in a dangerous way intimidating to any policy reporter. The correspondent Association White house supported the action. In a statement, they described the exclusion as disproportionate. “The President of the United States should not be in the arbitrary will of the men and women select the reports about him,” said spokesman Olivier Knox.

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