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Fans also worry about RM and Jungkook

Early this year, a question popped up in Quora, a question-and-answer website, “If BTS were to disband, which member do you think it would affect the most?”

The query is based on supposition but seems to attract attention because the K-pop band members thought of disbanding early 2018.

And many fans, who answered the hypothetical question, picked Jimin, whose real name is Park Ji-min and aged 23 years old.

Angel Sky said “Jimin would break inside if the band disbanded. It’s well known that Jimin had struggled with self-esteem issues, and I think the members have been such a support to Jimin overcoming them.”

It’s obvious that the members are his support, kinda like a safety net, there to assure him that he’s good enough, and making sure he takes care of himself. Without them, I feel like he’d fail into a pretty dark place.”

Karine Park concurred.

Jimin would be the most heartbroken because we always see how much he loves the members and always wants to take care of them,” Park said.

There have been many times where Jimin has expressed the need to stay with the members. I doubt he thinks about the fact that they could disband because it’s something that he doesn’t want. He wouldn’t be able to register it.”

Lana Lana noted “Jimin is the sweetest person in BTS ever, he has so much love to give and emotional attachment to BTS. I feel like it would leave him devastated to see BTS disband, break up or worst, fall.”

Jimin even wants BTS to live together for a very long time and that says a lot. Knowing that he sees his life with them for the next 10 or so years, means that a big portion of BTS is inside him.”

In a 2018 book titled “BTS, Icons of K-pop,” author Adrian Besley also came up with a similar analysis – other members go to Jimin when they are feeling stressed.

Jimin’s ability to listen to others’ troubles seems to be one of the key elements that makes BTS so strong,” he wrote.

Others also worried leader RM, and youngest member Jungkook would be vulnerable to the breakup of the seven-member idol group.


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