Have you encountered today on the way to work people in Jogging pants? Then it could be the trailer of a young Tradition that was started ten years ago at a Graz high school. From four guys in 2009, had appeared donates a full school class in sweat pants to class. Since then, the 21. February as the “International day of the Jogging pants.”

What was intended as a carnival joke, developed in the following years, with its own Facebook page and international baggy pants-solidarity to an Event that is also committed outside the borders of Austria. More than 40,000 Fans of the page to the “Jogging hosentag”. Convenience is not only appreciated in Graz. Because even though it is actually sportswear, Jogging pants many people, however, as a ideal equipment for a more passive life style.

it is this Image of idleness some contemporaries, however, is a thorn in the eye. A teacher from Swabia, meant for example, in 2015, a Jogging pants do not Express an attitude that belong in the school and had to endure a very unobjective raised a wave of indignation. And Karl Lagerfeld, the merciless dictum: “he Who wears Jogging pants has lost control of his life.”

Now you have to argue at this point that the school in Jogging pants could also be understood as a subversive act – and the students of Robert have in the case, perhaps due to the choice of your trousers in control of your life back. In addition, there are of course, long Jogging pants of Mr Lagerfeld. The parts are just too popular, as the shrewd fashion makers could let this business escape, let alone as someone to apply who has not recognized a fashion Trend.

Finally, in the 1920s, Émile Camuset, founder of the French sports brand Le Coq Sportif is – as a simple, knitted Jersey pants for the cold Season of the year, invented a piece of clothing for some time. The Trend called “Athleisure”. The word creation from “athletics” and “leisure” referred to everyday sports clothing. The combination of sports and fashion has its origin in the Hip-Hop scene and is now such a large number that even the luxury brands such as Dior Jogging sell pants (made of cashmere, and for almost 2000 Euro).

more recently, the idea of a luxury variant of the soft pants, however, is not: Marc Jacobs sent once the Models in the Jogger on the catwalks of the London fashion week and designers such as Dolce&Gabbana, Dries van Noten and Michael Michalsky had already in 2010, which in the offer.

The Designer Buxen, of course, have nothing in common with the washed-out, and baggy model couch potato. Unlike the goods from the sport business, they have no waistband on the Trousers, but a straight hem. Most of them have the top via a drawstring and no belt loops. More sophisticated models come with pleats, for an additional sporty touch to side stripes. Who is looking for a (depending on the industry) office-compatible model, ask in the Shop after a “Tracksuit pants”.

And how to wear a pants the best? The combination is important: you will not be combined with Sport tops. The Designer, usually a blouse and Blazer or a shirt and jacket to wear, sometimes even with a suit vest. Less risky, but equally it’s beautiful fine knit are sweaters. High heels, ankle boots or classic leather shoes can create a fashionable style, but for the more Advanced. The easiest way to Look is rounded off shoes with simple white sneakers. In order to look good in the office, in the gym and on the Couch.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.