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The news of his dismissal will have John Kelly was less surprised than his appeal to the chief of staff of the White house in the summer of 2017. Came back in typical Donald Trump style: via Twitter. Kelly was still home Minister. While he was with the US President in conversation, the succession of Reince Priebus in the West Wing. When this should be announced, in addition, the two men were not yet agreed.

But Erratic, when you join one of the Team Trump. So the had to know now John Kelly. This one has lived in his career is the opposite: Disciplined, controlled, dutiful, are the properties associated with the former General of the US Navy.

Ideal conditions for the Position of chief of staff, but not just for the cooperation with Donald Trump. The would write to US again and again, preferably no chief of staff would have and everything. It was therefore for many a small sign of hope, as Trump decided last summer for John Kelly.

The task of the chief of Staff is to organize the White house to coordinate the access to the Oval Office and to help set political priorities. John Kelly, as many hoped would be able to enclosing the Chaos of Donald Trump, at least a little bit for stability. He was regarded as a voice of reason in the narrow circle of the President, the places, above all on the loyalty of value – not necessarily on competence.

“The worst Job”

This hope was disappointed in the Saturday evening final, as Trump announced that Kelly will leave his Post at the end of the year. Kelly himself will not be unhappy. “It’s not the best Job I ever had,” said Kelly to journalists in October. Later, the worst Job is it even””. In the past few months, Kelly has not spent his mornings, the kolporieren the reporters in the White house, regularly at his workplace but in the gym.

Kelly brought at all to the chief of staff, he had mainly due to his attitude to Trumps of restrictive immigration policy. This supported Kelly as Secretary of Homeland security, specifically, called for the travel ban. Kelly, the 4-star General, took on the Job, is probably also due to his sense of duty. Trump praised Kelly as “a great American”.

First of all, it seemed, as did Kelly with his military-disciplined kind of influence. The operations in the White house, under him as chief of Staff in an uncontrolled manner people were just in the Oval Ovice. On Trump: Kelly is one of the most prominent Einflüsterer of the President lost the power of its Effect. Steve Bannon, the rights demagogue, had to leave the White house, not three weeks after Kelly was to become a chef.

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