lawsuits because of alleged cancer dangers of products, such as the care “Baby Powder” have burdened the balance sheet of the US pharmaceutical and consumer goods company Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Compared with the prior-year period, the law doubled the cost to 1.29 billion dollars, as the US company announced on Tuesday.

J&J stands for years because of allegations of pressure on some of its personal care article could be carcinogenic. The group is said to have sold, among other things, allegedly asbestos-contaminated baby powder. Recently, J&J was advised because of this allegation, once again in the headlines.

The Management rejects the allegations, is facing in the USA, but with Thousands of lawsuits and the threat of billions of payments.

in Spite of the expensive litigation, J&J earned in the past quarter, the bottom line is that a good three billion dollars. The revenues grew by one per cent to around 20 billion dollars. Thus, the forecasts were slightly exceeded.

for The full fiscal year 2018, J&J increased sales by almost seven percent to 81.6 billion dollars and made a profit of 15.3 billion dollars.


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