judge Dirk Sternberg is not for the mild judgments known. Nine years of imprisonment he imposed on Andreas N., the former chief doctor from Halberstadt AMEOS Klinikum. A minimum of two and a half years of the promo is to serve fourth and qualified surgeon in the prison system. Then he will spend 18 to 24 months in a detoxification facility. And then the preventive detention waiting for the 43-year-old medical doctor who in series poisoned his sex partners with cocaine and tranquilizers. One of them died of cardiovascular failure.

Andreas N. looks upset as he stands there in the land court of Magdeburg, with a beard shady and gray face, with flaccid arms and hands, which he holds in front of his round belly crossed. No comparison to the impression he left to the start of the process four months ago when he was scratching nervously, but with his defenders joked.

On the 20. February 2018, the head physician came into the focus of public Prosecutor, and the media. Since the earliest Morning, he consumed sex videos, then he wrote to a woman, whether she wanted to come to him. She didn’t respond, instead her but later attributed to Yvonne M., one of his patients. The husband of the 38-Year-old was on this day, on a business trip. At 9.30 am the hairdresser arrived at the doctors.

wrist cuffs and light strokes

For some months she was sleeping regularly with the doctor. She liked the his practice of SM-games, the cuffs, the blindfold, the light blows. He was Christian Grey from “Fifty Shades of Grey”, so reported it to her best friend. For him, she wanted to leave her husband, possibly even her 13-year-old son. Also on this day, she expected long hours of bondage Sex, maybe that the doctor would give her cocaine. With her death, no one was expecting.

As is so often filmed to the doctor this Morning for having Sex with his partner, the court was able to reconstruct the Drama later. Almost two hours after their Arrival, Yvonne M. was suffering from shortness of breath. To 12.16 p.m. she asked the doctor for the first Time with a weak voice: “What have you given me?” She inquired several times, until they received from him “Guarana” to the answer. “And why didn’t you ask me if I want to,” breathed Yvonne M. “I have ever had.” Again and again she lost consciousness, again and again, Andreas N. struck her in the face and yelled at her. Several times he gave her cocaine, against their apathy. You got heart rhythm disorders, at some point put your circuit.

Unsuccessfully began the emergency medicine-trained physician with the heart-pressure massage. At 15.30 he called the ambulance. The managed to resuscitate the naked Lying on the floor. But for too long her brain was without oxygen. Yvonne M. was already dead when she arrived at the hospital.

In the blood of the dead was so much cocaine that the value had to be specified instead of the usual nano grams in milligrams: “He was above the highest value of the calibration curve, the curve had to be extended,” said the coroner of their findings. Since the relatives of Yvonne M. pleaded that the Dead would have never consumed drugs, the police quickly of a sexual offence. She began to take an interest in Andreas n. a.

his Secretary, the investigators learned that their friend had also made negative experiences in the Sex with the doctor: she had visited Andreas N. in his apartment and a glass of champagne to drink. Then she fell asleep. When she awoke again, sat the doctor on her and hit her in the face. Her arms and legs twitched uncontrollably, she had to pass. The next day, she was able to leave his apartment.

On the evaluation of the mobile phones of Andreas N. officials from other women learned. Several reported similar strange Sex experiences. It has been clear Since at least ten years, to put the doctor to not have Sex with women, move as much as possible, and not their will to be able to articulate. In a creative way, he introduced you to cocaine, usually on the mucous membranes of the Vagina and of the mouth. He rubbed them, the cocaine, once on a wound on the back, which he had taught before his partner. Even after you had explicitly stated their opposition to the drug, he said your lipstick and your toothpaste with cocaine.

Not all of the women rejected the drug from the outset, after you had explained Andreas N., he would find the Sex better if both partners to be uninhibited. However, as these women have felt the effects of serious health problems and asked him to give them no cocaine, he sat on your desire.

“Use your intelligence”

About his antecedents Andreas N. has not spoken in court. About his Ex-Girlfriends was known, under what harsh conditions the son of an Austrian psychologist and a German teacher, grew up. His parents separated when he was ten years old. Andreas N. lived with his violent father, as hemophiliacs by HIV-contaminated blood with the then foreseeable fatal disease infected. Regularly the check is said to have tormented the end, sadistic father him with the fear of contagion, by bespuckte the jam sandwiches of his son and the toothbrush used. Also the father of his father, played an inglorious role: After the wanted to hang a twelve-year-old grandson, himself, suggested to him the great father with the belt.

The father died when Andrew N. was 16 years old. Nevertheless, he excelled in school and in their studies. His colleagues who accompanied him to 2011 in Hannover, referred to him as the Ideal of a doctor and a scientist. However, the decades of drug use was becoming harder to hide more and more frequently, Andreas N. lost his job because he was sick very often, because he seemed distracted and unfocused, because he forgot the patient in the operating room. On the day that the life support machines in the case of Yvonne M. were parked, he signed with the AMEOS hospital of a termination agreement.

“Use your intelligence, your therapy is a success, that something like this never happens again,” gives him the presiding judge. He sows the hope that preventive detention “must not necessarily be completed also.” However, someone who suffers from a deviance, according to reviewers, a sexual Sadist may be, is unlikely to be successful within a period of two years in an institution for Withdrawal treatment.

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