The most irritating opposition of your Person wife o summarizes at the end of the process in words: As the teacher, the role model function is on the one hand, and then the criminal vein, you have obviously had. Allowed, that you manipulated, lied and 903.558,30 Euro ergaunerte.

18. great criminal chamber of the regional court in Osnabrück sentenced the former teacher on Thursday to a sentence of imprisonment of two years and ten months for forgery and commercial fraud.

17,000 euros per month as the “extended salary”

a woman has needs, according to the judge, from January 2012 to August 2016 as a tenured secondary school teacher, your claim on officials of legal aid services: your health insurance, you submitted the documents for purchased drugs correctly. The lower Saxony state office for salaries and supplies (NLBV) in Aurich, however, you should have fake recipes submitted. The authority is to aid responsible officials be granted in case of illness.

the fraud has gained a wife. o. according to the verdict, about four and a half years of “extended content”: every month, about 17,000 euros, in addition to their salary as a teacher. Money with which she supported her three children, but especially your high standard of living and absurd shopping trips funded.

O. I to the outside, “the facade of the well-to-do receive the doctor’s wife” and continue to be a respected member of the osnabrück-based company, says Annegret way-Degener, Chairman judge and Vice-President of the district court. “You did not know consistently that this is right.”

During a search, tons of luxury handbags, fur coats, leather jackets and jewelry were seized. Indications of a sick-purchase-to-noise, cross-Degener, there is no. O. I only want to keep up appearances.

The Chairman justified the mild verdict that Mrs o had already placed at the beginning of the procedure, a comprehensive confession, which had facilitated the taking of evidence and significantly shortened. In addition, Ms. O. did not gloss over their actions, you have shown remorse and from the beginning agreed to dispose of all of your assets.

“have you, in fact, nothing more,” says way-Degener. “You have lost your entire economic base. You have arrived at the age of 66 at the very bottom.” Mrs O. is crying. There is, under these circumstances, no room for malice, emphasises the Chairman. Of course, those who fly high, falls deep. For Mrs. O., who had been so happy to be part of the in-crowd, whether it is “more painful”.

parole was not possible

the judgment Should be final, loses Mrs O. your rights as a civil servant, this would have consequences for their pensions and health insurance.

your defender Frank Otten had demanded a suspended sentence. Even if the chamber throw everything speak for woman. o., in the balance, says the Chairwoman: Due to the length of the time period and the immense amount of damage to total a suspended sentence is not possible. It is addressed directly to the Condemned: “The punishment is hard for you, Mrs o, you must, however, be no occasion to despair.”

to be exactly as it seems. Wife. o. is still in the courtroom your lawyer to appeal and the judgment of the Federal court of justice check. “Even if you didn’t feel, before the court, unfairly treated to have been,” says Otten.

“ingenious and clever”

The state Prosecutor had demanded a prison sentence of three years and nine months, and in his case, clearly, what an intense breach of trust, Mrs. O. has committed. He spoke of how “subtle and clever” the idea of fraud was.

The implementation, however, was not very professional. O. made a film with a red stamp imprint of a pharmacy, and this is copied by the color copy on a blank sheet. With nail scissors you can cut out Numbers and glued them to your recipe that it gave the impression that the doctor prescribed drug is not prescribed as intended once, but three times, seven times or ten times, and the pharmacy handed out and been paid.

in Addition, she added manually to the respective pharmaceutical Central number (PZN), and the calculation of the individual or of the total price. Then, you copied the engineered recipe on the blank paper with the red pharmacy stamp.

The imaginary number landed by the adhesive often wrong on the paper, sometimes did not match the type, even the font. The aid the examination of the submitted recipes was limited to the PZN, the stamp of the pharmacy and the name of the characters of the pharmacist – all this was present, was instructed to find the money to payout.

lax controls at the country office

And even many years prior to the defendant at the time of the room; are time-barred, the possible actions in front of it. The Chairman mentioned in the opinion, that already in 2005, the high number of drugs in NLBV for discussion provided. It would have been “more pressure and control” is necessary, she says.

the state Prosecutor had said in his plea that one should not ignore the fact that the System of state aid the fraud for so many years have. Employees of the authority, had described in court review processes, the curious part of it. The reputation of the office but rather the officers for only a few cents, justify, and like to the postage return need refund. Many officials will be able to sing a song about it.

O. s shame is unchanged. Also on the last of the five days of trial the way to the justice building is a gauntlet for you. In the hallway outside the courtroom, well-Known from the Golf club, former neighbors, acquaintances from all stages of life. Where it is still difficult to bring what you learn in the process about Mrs. O., the Person in line, the believed to know you.

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