As Michel F. last November from custody was released, he went to work immediately. The assistant Manager had said from his colleagues in the supermarket, he love to ramble Overtime. He told you what he did on his free days, or after the morning shift: He visited in the hospital Nele, his second daughter, he was shaken at the age of five weeks is so strong that she suffered irreversible brain damage. You will remain the Rest of your life mentally disabled.

Michel F. was Nele, under the supervision. The girl in the Arm, he sat on a chair in the hallway of the clinic, so it could see the staff better.

Since the spring of Nele is housed with foster parents, Michel F. and his wife allowed to see them every three weeks for two hours. They talk every day of you, you would like to spend more time with her. When and if Nele is allowed to live again with her family, in the vicinity of their father, will be decided by the family court.

First of all, the Great criminal chamber 21 of the Hamburg regional court, the presiding judge Stephan summer, but announced in the afternoon, the verdict: Michel F. for four years in prison. The chamber speaks to him of attempted manslaughter, dangerous and grievous bodily harm guilty. “This really is not an ordinary case,” says summer.

The chamber is convinced that Michel F. on the night of 1. October 2017 of his five-week-old daughter of a fist-blow to the head offset and a week later, in the early hours of the morning of 8. October 2017, has violently shaken.

Nele, says the Chairman, was already born in the unfavourable conditions. The father was already before her birth in an overload situation. In the Job, he was heavily loaded, and in the evening his wife asked much of him. With the second child he had taken over the responsibilities of which he must have known that they were for him impossible: from 0 to 5 o’clock, he took care of the Baby that had colic and at night, very much cried. Then he went to his early shift at the Job.

threshold exceeded

The first for Nele-threatening Situation is considered to have been a moment of failure, says judge summer: As Nele, once again, constantly screamed, struck, Michael F. her hard with the Hand against the head. From the Moment of the judge, was the loving father to be a danger to his own child. From the Moment that a threshold had been exceeded, now have changed a bit.

by now, the father would have had to get external help. Now it had been clear that it is for the Baby a danger. But he got no help. He continued his night shifts on the cot. The disaster, the judge, took its course.

The chamber was of no benefit to holding Michel F., that he had in his shake attack, the intention to kill the Baby. But a killing intent could just look different. Michel F. I, at least, have to assume that the Shaking could lead to fatal injuries. “Whoever sets as a threat, approves their consequences,” says summer.

also of Concern, the behavior was after the fact: Michel F. went to bed and fell asleep. That he would not have recognized the severe injury to the baby, do not believe him in the chamber.

Michel F.’s crying. He has destroyed the life of his daughter, his own and that of the whole family. He knows that. The psychiatric evaluation revealed him to have a lack of empathy, reported but also, as Michel F. spoke of feelings of guilt and shame. And how “happy” and “overjoyed” he and his wife had been after Neles birth, as much as she had wanted a second child. “It would be such a nice life”, Michel F. summarized bilanzierend, the experts.

Marion F. holds on to your man. On this last day of the trial, she sits beside her mother in the audience, the two women holding hands. In court, wife F. described, to step your man wrong, with perpetrators of violence, and substitute fathers will be put in a drawer, in a drunken stupor, intoxication, narcissism, or pure aggressiveness of children injured or killed. She described vividly how, as a Few of the warning signs played down, as they believed, only to pull it together, and then everything would be fine.

the woman makes serious allegations

Nothing good, but much, much worse. She sank in a fatal combination of Fatigue, desperation, and exhaustion, and Michel F. the control lost. His wife makes serious allegations. She believes to have the degree of exhaustion of state misunderstood.

Prior to the verdict, the Prosecutor asked: “How is it going for you, Mr. F.?” He cried, swallowed, and replied: “I want to go to jail.”

Because the real punishment, the family F. white for a long time, is a life sentence. For the father. For Nele. For the entire family.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.