the Forced retirement of the Supreme judges of the country repealed The Polish Parliament by urgent procedure. It was followed by an order from the European court of justice (ECJ) of 19. October. This had been threatened with fines. The judges were returned to the EU Assembly already.

The MP Andrzej Dera said the change in the law, it is a Convention of government with the ECJ, thus, Poland will have to pay no penalties. The Reform will continue in the Major. Poland’s government defended its justice, laws against criticism and argues that it wants to liberate, among other things, the judiciary of corrupt judges.

Poland’s government, the retirement had reduced the age of Supreme judges from 70 to 65 years. As a result, more than 20 unpopular lawyers were, according to critics, sent into retirement and the younger, Pro-government judges have been replaced. The EU Commission saw the independence of the judiciary threatened and complained against the law.

The Supreme court was eliminated according to a preliminary assessment, at least his biggest concern, as spokesman Michał Laskowski said. The court had criticized the forced retirement of the 65-year-old Supreme court President Małgorzata Gersdorf as a violation of the Constitution. The term of office of the court Chairman is legally protected.

The German judges Association (DRB) evaluated the decision of Poland, as a first step in the right direction. “Nevertheless, Poland needs to continue to work, the right to align the system to the Standards of the EU,” said the DRB-Chairman Jens Gnisa.

The EU Commission is criticised for 2016 of the comprehensive reconstruction of the Polish judiciary, including reforms of the constitutional court, the Country superior Council of the magistracy and of the General courts. The EU launched last year, a rule of law procedure, which is considered the sharpest weapon against rule violations by member States.

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