So, now times Tacheles: this season is now the stuff of the super camp? softly, softly. Who fusses now because of supposedly lack of Konfro, has no idea of how such a highly complex jungle camp-the organism works. Experienced IBES-friends on the other hand, this early, just quietly bubbling fermentation process in which the Camper who is not each other nor how seemingly toothless predators env oaks, the lookouts, but in truth very precisely, in the herd of the weakest antelope, or Gisele.

How it is Yotta vs. curry sausage man? On day two of the tactical advantages are clearly with Yotta: The passionate Pumper uses his years of hardened Blähmuskel to ochsenfroschesk to inflate in front of his opponent and the CWM stick jumps so readily over each hung suspended Outrage that one might think, he does spend a little too much time on Twitter.

the Best Move of Yotta: He is approaching to CWMs sleeping platform so close to the enemy that can be reflected in its shiny luster skin. Speaking of which, what is this goo actually, for a mystery, with the help of the Yotta seems to ointments before the morning of the Visit, the presenters always the whole of the corpora cavernosa? He brought a VAT of petroleum jelly or body is their own, at the time of his Miracle Morning out as well as drained Ego-whey?

How was the exam? Fad. Gisele should collect in a variety of animal-filled chambers stars remained but most of the time frozen in a weird, surprising tears poor Paradoxmix from indifference and hysteria. “Oh, my Goooott!”, a commented on every rat, cockroach, crab and raking in on the road actually kind of five stars. That was moderately entertaining, unfortunately, you must today already ran. In a better world, discerning viewers would send alternately Yotta and CWM, so long, until the two fight, finally, really together, or snogging.


animal phobia of the day I : A Butterfly brings Gisele to the verge of a nervous breakdown, which surprised no one who witnessed his time attested to the butterfly phobia in the case of “Germany’s Next Top Model”. Domenico echauffierte the same about the unsustainable flap attack: “It can’t be that we have here in the interview room moths!”, he contended in actually, really not very hall-like, jungle phone shack, and can not hide his secret-held evening classes in Dr. Ortega-Academy for flash bulb architecture now longer. How would he even say? Stone over it!

animal phobia of the day II : The CWM is afraid of a spider and krakeelt until Yotta carries away the animal silently and stoically – the Frightened with the inflammable mind of a really wacky gas grills then, with the phrase “So Chris, are you safe are, I have you trolls saved”. “This is a pure Provocative” – outraged the CWM promptly in the most beautiful Dittsche-dialect. On another occasion, Yotta have granted him that he should fuck his pug. Perhaps even his whole family tree!

Missed Hochkulturbeef : tussles at home in the face of this granted the chance which the hair. Why did the CWM the glove that he had obtained cumbersome for single-handed spider removal, Yotta, according to the Provo-set not just in the face, according to classic, unfortunately, is out of practice, that is a bit feud-glove-style? Sandra has an alternative idea: “the skin you!” It remains to hope that RTL will recognize the favor of the hour, the glove and Punch combined, and the two camp, a new round of celebrity Boxing heralds male finally.

Freudian bonus moment: will Slowly’s a bit of penetrantfäkal, such as forced detention of the self-proclaimed sausage man is talking all the time of excrement. “Any Kackvogel” from the Team to come and the spider away, he’s go right now “in this fucking jungle was phone” and his personal Miracle Morning he was clear: “in the Poop”. After all, this is a little bit funny, because Yottas Strong Hälzi-Energy-early appeal, he celebrates with esowilligen Mitcampern, really reminded strongly of a, sorry, the circle of chairs.

product placement of the day : Giseles book about a ten years durchlittene disdain to love, she writes supposedly “straight”””. If it is a good advice, brings you directly as a self-eingeknarrtes audiobook on the market. The key sentence of the work can be leaking directly: “I am sad, ne.”

Simple day : “My goal is that I eat today, pig’s ass hole really,” said Evelyn, still in the running, article, poor Evelyn, especially in the Yottaschen motivation maneuver to talk just a little bit later, in confidential conversation, Gisele is quite liquid, and especially circumspect about your vexing Domenico past. A horrible suspicion is growing: it Has trained the role of the continuous dumbing-down shrinkage of the brain-Schnuckels after exhausting Ingrid-Steeger-DVD-self-training only? But that would not mean that the people in the Camp are not authentic, and that would be arrant nonsense.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.