The disabled officer Jürgen fuddle has voted for a short-term Reform of the German electoral law. In an interview with the Rheinische Post, he said: “In Germany are not able to currently select approximately 85,000 people, of which 81.000, have to get a support in all matters.”

fuddle, for this year, as a representative of the Federal government for the concerns of people with disabilities, spoke of a “completely anachronistic image of man” and demanded to change the electoral law “before the European elections next year”. It is simply “not acceptable that these people – without any examination of the individual case – are not able to choose at the Federal level”.

The disability Commissioner also pointed to the Situation in the seven provinces, in which people with disabilities were allowed to choose. After all, these people worked, for example, in workshops for the disabled, the business is capable of.

fuddle of the Rheinische Post said that he had visited as a child, a primary school for the visually Impaired, before he made his a-levels at a mainstream school. A democracy could not work, “well, if it is not included, if you let people, in their diversity, a part of that”.

the CDU and the SPD agreed in the coalition agreement to a scheduled end of the election ban. The goal of an “inclusive election is a right for all”.

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