this Friday (26. October), launches, Apple officially selling the new iPhone XR. Previously, customers were able to preorder the third on the Keynote last September presented the Smartphone only, so now the new entry-level model can be tried out in the shops and purchased.

the Price of the iPhone XR is located well below the Top phones iPhone XS (1149 to 1549 euros depending on the Version), and iPhone XS Max (1249 to 1649 Euro). So there is the device with 64-gigabytes of memory already for 849 euros. Also, the 128-GB Version remains with 909 Euro three digits in the price, while for a 256 GB storage capacity, then 1019 Euro will be due.

damage to the iPhone: So much to repair Apple iPhone XS and XR is: For whom are the new iPhones worth it? By Malte Mans

get one way or the other: if you Want to own one of the latest Apple Smartphones, you have to dig deep in the bag. This also applies to any repairs, such as a recently published price list of the company’s shows. Accordingly, a display is damage to the iPhone XR with rich 221,10 euros. For comparison: For a broken screen iPhone 8, last year’s entry-level model, are “only” 171,10 Euro, so 50 Euro less. All of the other damage to the iPhone XR cost the customer outside of the warranty 431,10 EUR (iPhone 8: 381,10 Euro), which corresponds to almost half of the original price.

Even juicier, the bill fails in the case of damage to the Top Smartphones. Here 361,10 Euro (iPhone XS, Max), respectively 311,10 € (iPhone XS) are destroyed Display to pay. Other damage, Apple estimated with 641,10 Euro or 591,10 Euro. In the case of the smaller iPhone XS, the prices are based on those of the now-discarded 2017er-Topgeräts iPhone X.

think about Discounted repairs through Apple Care Plus, Apple Event, Up to 1650 euros: Apple’s new iPhone prices By Malte Mansholt

if you want to save such costs, should the supplementary insurance Apple Care Plus. For the unique pay 229 euros, a screen hits of damage, with only 29 Euro and any other Defect with 99 euros to beech.

The insurance is extended for the twelve-month manufacturer’s warranty for another year and includes two repairs.

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