Shown above is a separate booth of JW Pharmaceutical for the Arab Health 2022, which will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center next week. The firm plans to demonstrate its medical equipment and that of its sister companies. Photo courtesy of JW Pharmaceutical

Korean pharmaceutical firm will attend Arab Health 2022

South Korea’s JW Holdings announced on January 20 that it would take part in the Arab Health 2022, which will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center next week.

In particular, the Seoul-based pharmaceutical group is scheduled to attend the four-day fair as an exhibitor, showcasing its products and solutions to meet potential buyers.

Up until now, JW Holdings has joined forces with other Korean companies to operate an exhibition hall. This time around, however, it plans to run its own pavilion.

Included in its medical products to be showcased at the trade fair are operating tables, heating devices for newborn babies, and tables for medical testing.

They were produced by affiliates of JW Holdings, including JW Pharmaceutical.

“By having a separate booth, we will be able to raise awareness on our brand and secure new business partners,” said Lee Jun-gu, who is in charge of the global business at JW Holdings.

“We have put forth great efforts to build major medical equipment with our own technology. We will promote our products to global buyers.”

The Arab Health is a medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East geared toward showcasing the latest innovations in healthcare and biotechnology.

The Arab Health 2022 is expected to bring together more than 56,000 healthcare professionals and up to 3,500 exhibitors from across the world.

The 2022 edition of the annual event will take place between January 24 through January 27.

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