a bomber in a car blew himself up on Monday in front of the Ministry in Kabul in the air. Then the attackers stormed the nearby authority, killed many people and took hundreds of civilians hostage. After hours of gun battles between hostage-takers and Afghan soldiers managed to save 350 people from the building.

On Tuesday morning, the Afghan authorities had to correct their data on the number of victims, however: First, it was assumed to be 30 dead and 17 injured. It is now clear that the attack, at least 43 people at a cost of life. In addition, there were more than ten of the wounded, told the authorities on Tuesday morning. In the case of most of the dead were government employees. In addition, three of the attackers had been shot.

so Far no organization has for the attack known. In Afghanistan, however, again and again, to attacks on government offices, mostly from the radical-Islamic Taliban.

22. large attack in Kabul, 2018

this year, had already shaken 21 large attacks in the Afghan capital. More than 500 people died, at least 999 were injured. The majority of these attacks had claimed the terrorist militia “Islamic state”.

The security situation had deteriorated in recent months. The Afghan government controls only a little more than half of the districts in the country. A further 30 per cent are contested. On Sunday, the defense were in Afghanistan and the Minister of the interior replaced.

Asadullah Khalid, and Amrullah Saleh, the take over the defence and of the interior Department until their confirmation in Parliament, business leaders, regarded as a Hardliner in the fight against the Taliban. Both of them managed in the past the secret service, NDS.

On Thursday had reported, the American media that the US government wanted to deduct half of their 14,000 troops out of Afghanistan. The unconfirmed reports were responsible for unrest in the Afghan government, the people and the Nato allies in Afghanistan, including Germany.


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