Kabul – Several Dead in Anti-Taliban demonstration, A suicide bomber has detonated in the vicinity of a school a bomb. The protesters had called for more protection from Taliban attacks. © Photo: Omar Sobhani/Reuters

In the Afghan capital, Kabul, a suicide bomber has detonated a bomb, and at least six people were killed, including several police officers. A spokesman for the health Ministry said at least 20 more were injured. A policeman said he had seen ten to 15 victims, who were lying dead or injured on the ground.

nearby, hundreds of protesters against attacks by the radical Islamic Taliban had on members of a Shiite minority group. A spokesman for the interior Ministry said the bomber was on foot and I want to be in the midst of the protesters in the air blast. But he was at a security checkpoint about 200 meters from the site of the rally away, stopped and then detonated a suicide vest. Most of the victims of security forces.

To the attack the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) known. The IS have taken a gathering of Shiites into the visor, it said in a from his voice Amak disseminated the statement. Both the regional IS-offshoot, as well as the Taliban have committed in Kabul recently, a number of attacks.

demonstrators are calling for more support for the Hasara

the Demonstration, members and supporters of the Shiite Hasara protested minority since Sunday evening against the Taliban. They moved in the direction of the presidential Palace and called on the government to ensure safety. The Taliban have attacked in the past week, two districts of the province of Ghasni, which is inhabited mainly by the minority of the Hasara. The Taliban are mostly in tune Sunni Pashtuns, and the fighting in Ghasni are also an expression of the hostility between these ethnic and religious groups. The government had additional military troops in these two districts – Dschaghuri and Mali Stan – sent to fight against the Taliban. Hasara-fighters joined the army and support them since then.

Taliban spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid had claimed the attacks for his grouping. In a text message to the media, he wrote, his group had conquered the district of Mali Stan. Of the authorities there is no response was.

as a result of the struggles have come on the weekend, within 48 hours, at least 60 security forces and armed civilians killed. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani promised the protesters as a reaction to their Protest, to send reinforcements to the areas. The protesters declared that he had 24 hours of time. Should arrive, until then, no additional troops, they would continue their protests.

security situation in Afghanistan deteriorates

Overall, the security situation is deteriorating in the country continuously. The Taliban are strong again, the government controlled only about half of the country. This is the lowest value since records began in the year 2015. In November alone, the Taliban attacked at least six military bases across the country and killed dozens of security forces.

in Addition, according to a new report by the special inspector of the U.S. Senate for the reconstruction of Afghanistan (Sigar), the Afghan security forces difficulties, their personnel strength. They spent around 40,000 soldiers under their target strength of 352.000 soldiers and police officers. Some experts estimate that one-third of the security forces are so-called Ghost soldiers and police officers. These have left their Posts, but were not deleted from the content list. Many others are considered to be poorly trained and unqualified. The number of Taliban fighters, according to Afghan military experts at around 60,000.

Ghasni the only one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, in the parliamentary election of October for reasons could not be held to security. The vote was postponed for a year.

Renewed deportation flight to Kabul

in Spite of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan should be deported on Tuesday again rejected asylum seekers from Germany to Kabul. According to the Bavarian refugee Council, there is evidence that the flight will start on Tuesday at 23: 10 PM from Leipzig/Halle airport. Since December of 2016, so far, 383 men in the 17 collection were deportations to Afghanistan.

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